Puma x Jahnkoy Streetwear Launch: Whoa! THIS Is Fabulous!

Puma x Jahnkoy Streetwear Launch: Whoa! THIS Is Fabulous!

I can’t imagine any other NYFW show delivering as much feel-good energy and unique style as this one. What a great experience. I haven’t hooted and hollered as much in a long time. Thank you, Cynthia Nelson, for the invite.

JAHNKOY (Maria Kazakova) is a Brooklyn-based visual artist who was born and raised in Siberia. This “craftivist,” as she calls herself, has entered into a partnership with PUMA to launch ME$$ENJAH, a premium ready-to-wear capsule collection of hand-crafted garments, accessories, jewelry and shoes embellished with beading, hand stitching, and vinyl application.

The project “ME$$ENJAH” aims to re-establish cultural wear and reintroduce traditional ways of dress in contemporary language. The artist wishes to raise public awareness on the necessity to restore artisanship and sustainability of the way that we consume and produce our clothes to inspire the World’s population to wear and cherish cultural clothing as well as to remember the importance of adornment and spiritual role of the garment in the human life.

Bravo to all involved but major shout out to Nathan Trice for his spectacular choreography!

Scroll down for pics and video from this inspiring, high-energy show!!

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It’s NYFW. How Do I Know? Fashionistas On The Bowery!

It’s NYFW. How Do I Know? Fashionistas On The Bowery!

When my Lower East Side neighborhood around the Bowery and Rivington gets overrun with stylish cuties, I know it must be Fashion Week.

That’s been the case for a while but when Sister City Hotel with its fab rooftop bar, Last Light, opened, it dialed up the “scene” a thousandfold.

I’ve been to Last Light several times over the last few weeks in the build-up to Fashion Week and it does attract a stellar crowd, way cooler and more creative than what you’ll find at The Public or CitizenM.

I’ve also been to Last Light for gallery parties and can vouch that the space functions well for private events.

Highly recommend checking out the next time you are in NYC. And if you’re local, worth a trip downtown!

Scroll down for more photos and videos capturing the rooftop scene.

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ARTECHOUSE NYC. Best Digital Art In The World

ARTECHOUSE NYC. Best Digital Art In The World
ARTECHOUSE is a new age art mecca dedicated to groundbreaking artists who work at the intersection of art, science, and technology.

I visited on Saturday. Highly recommend. Not sure where I would place it in the pantheon of art. I’m currently thinking it might be the next generation of street art with tech replacing wheatpaste!

Every city has a destination for fine arts, theater, music, and film. Our goal is to be the home in those cities for innovative, 21st-century art. A place where one can always get inspired, educated, and empowered by exploring the latest and the best works of art and tech.

Sandro, Founder and Art Director

After opening in Washington DC in 2017 and Miami last year, ARTECHOUSE has finally made it to NYC.

Their first exhibition, Machine Hallucination by Refik Anadol debuted this week in the former Boiler Room space in the Chelsea Market.

“Machine Hallucination” introduces New Yorkers to Refik Anadol, the Turkish-born, LA-based media artist, who has pioneered the aesthetics of machine intelligence. His body of work positions creativity at the intersection of humans and machines.

  • Machine Hallucination is an immersive, digital experience utilizing machine learning and algorithms built on a data set of more than three million images representing various architectural styles and movements.
  • As the machine generates a data universe of architectural hallucinations in 512 dimensions, it begins to explore the ways in which knowledge can be experienced spatially.

Know Before You Go

Order your tickets ($24 per person) online and be on time but be prepared for tech glitches (see below). After waiting for 20 minutes for the first slot of the morning, I asked them to rebook me for 12 noon which they were more than happy to do (and they gave me a free drinks ticket good for a mocktail at their bar).

  • The exhibition is not recommended for individuals who are sensitive to bright or flashing lights. I’m not especially sensitive to lights but there were a few times when I had to shut my eyes so as not to get dizzy.
  • Due to the complex technology employed, the installation may require unplanned maintenance; this may result in delays for visitors or in the cancellation of a visit (but you’ll get a refund).
  • Participants thought to be unstable or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be admitted and will be requested to leave!?!

Scroll down for videos and photos from my visit.

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Google Maps Is The Latest Super App Getting Monetized

Google Maps Is The Latest Super App Getting Monetized

Ad revenue is expected to grow by 64% in 2020 and reach $11 billion by 2023.

Google Maps is my #1 resource (my personal Super App) when it comes to all of my routine day-to-day activities. I use it to check out restaurants, stores, galleries and all kinds of events. I look for opening hours, reviews, interior photos, e.g., if I’m planning to visit a restaurant on my own, I want to see if there is bar seating and what it looks like, will I be comfortable there? What’s the vibe? I use it to plot my route around town, e.g., should I walk or take a subway or a car. And, of course, Google Maps is absolutely essential when I am planning my travels both domestically and internationally.

Google Maps has a few shortcomings, e.g., its subway directions in NYC are abysmal compared to Citymapper.

Overall, however, it’s an app I can’t imagine living without – which is why I’ve become such an active contributor. I’m a Level 7 Guide – and with over a billion Google Maps users globally (154 million in the USA), I get why any photo I post can end up with 2 million views. And that also explains why businesses especially in hospitality or retail, are clamoring to get on board to reach those millions of users. The “near me” feature is going to be a game-changer for advertisers.

Apple Maps Vs. Google Maps

Apple Maps was the default on my phone but it was so lousy I deleted it and switched to Google Maps years ago.

In checking back in on Apple Maps this weekend, I see it hasn’t gotten any better. In fact, I’m appalled they rely on Yelp for their restaurant reviews. Lame!

Apple is still playing catch-up. Search has never been their thing.

However, search is what Google was built on and it’s what gives it its edge. The Google Maps database is so much more robust and up-to-date than anything else out there. Apple doesn’t stand a chance.

Another amazingly useful aspect of Google Maps is that it lets users download portions of maps to be used offline. This was incredibly helpful on my recent road trip through remote parts of Utah where cell phone service was non-existent.

Read on below for more on Google Maps’ Monetization plans.

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US Open Players Look Stunning In Designer Black

US Open Players Look Stunning In Designer Black

I’ve loved watching the US Open this year – from the matches themselves, to discovering a new crop of young players to the edgy fashion statements being made on the courts.

I’ve been especially intrigued by the near-universal switch from “tennis whites” to the much tougher and cooler-looking black ensembles.

Several commentators pointed out how wearing black tends to make players look more hardcore and intimidating, especially at the net.

Besides the black apparel, I was surprised to see how much purple was popping up on both men and women. Did all the designers, at all of the brands, use the same trend resource? How else to explain the sameness?

However, even with all the players wearing black, one stood out from all the rest.

Scroll down for Best-Dressed as well as other fashion highlights.

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Filipacchi And Super73: Cool 70’s-Inspired Design, Cutting Edge Technology

Filipacchi And Super73: Cool 70’s-Inspired Design, Cutting Edge Technology

I first wrote about Filipacchi back in 2017 just after the store opened on Prince Street in Nolita.

Since then, Filipacchi has become a mecca for action sports aficionados. Last year they partnered for the first time with Super73.

Recently I’ve noticed guys gathering outside the store almost every weekend for a group ride of sorts (taking a page out of the Rapha Group Rides playbook). It’s been extremely successful for them.

Last Saturday, I ran into the biggest group yet. At least 50 NYC SuperSquad members (see above) lined up with their bikes outside of the store prepping for a ride.

I had to find out what this was about. What I discovered is that Super73 has grown its motorcycle community and the culture around it by collaborating with brands like Filipacchi and Champion. They also partner with YouTube personalities.

Here’s what else I discovered:

Lithium Cycles, the company behind the Super73, launched the electric bike as a Kickstarter project in 2016.

Per their website:

  • The idea started in 2015 when their co-founder Jon Akers was finishing his Masters of Engineering at Lehigh University.
  • Motorcycles, mopeds and mini bikes from the 1970’s drew their attention as durable, fun and timeless.
  • They’re located in Southern California and have a 4000 sq ft manufacturing space to crank out th Super73’s.

It has become the most popular e-bike on the internet and is marketed as a fun, high quality, eco-mobility solution for getting around cities.

The bike is shipped 80% assembled (Ikea-style) but they’ve partnered with Velofix to provide “premium” at-home assembly service.

The bikes range in price from $1400 to $2200.

Also, if this is your thing, make sure you follow Super73 on Instagram (they have 117K followers). https://www.instagram.com/super73/

If you click on “Read More” and then page 2 below, you’ll find Casey Neistat’s review of the bike. It is an extremely fun video, as only he knows how to do.

And one final thing. WordPress just did a major update on their site (it’s what I use for this blog) and while it has some great new features, it’s got way too many glitches, e.g. the annoying Page 2 Read More thing as well as not working too well with MailChimp which is why you have not been getting your daily email. Hopefully we’ll have worked around all of these issues by next week. Fingers crossed.

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What’s Up With Organic? What If It’s All Just A Scam?

What’s Up With Organic? What If It’s All Just A Scam?

Illustrations by Keith Carter/ Eater.com


Anybody else noticing the pushback on organic? My Google News feed for “Healthy Eating” is filled with anti-organic articles lately.


More doctors and nutritionists are questioning the value of organic from Philly Voice’sIs organic food really more healthy? It’s difficult to tell” to Real Simple’sNo need to spend money on organic avocados or any of these 14 fruits and veggies.

At the same time, there’s more guidance than ever on “healthier” diets, e.g., Men’s Health just ran a great piece on “31 Easy Ways To Eat Healthier.Their #1 Tip is to ditch processed food. Organic comes in at #29 and is only recommended if your budget allows.

Well + Good is focusing on the “psychobiotic food pyramid” which is all about gut health and draws its inspiration from Nordic and Mediterranean diets — no mention of organics.

Also, seeing more scientific articles on fasting, especially Alternate-Day-Fasting (ADF) which sounds like a bunch of hokum but is getting traction. I had dinner last night with a friend who just started on this.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, it looks like the most significant shift is coming from plant-based diets, many of which take us right back to crappy, unhealthy processed food. That’s how I perceive it – and so does John Mackey, Founder, and CEO of Whole Foods, who was just quoted in Business Insider as saying:

If you look at the ingredients, they are super, highly processed foods. I don’t think eating highly processed foods is healthy.”

Bottom Line.

It’s been 40 years since Whole Foods first created the organics market. That’s an exceptionally long run for any food or diet trend.

I’m going out on a limb here but I don’t feel it has ever been firmly established that organic products are better for us than conventionally grown local produce that is consumed seasonally.

There’s also a lot of fraud and scams going on in the organic category as outlined by Eater earlier this year.

I, for one, am not convinced that organic products taste better or are healthier.

“Organic” is luxury branding for the food category. It provides a halo effect that makes us feel better about ourselves and what we’re feeding our families.

Ultimately, it’s on a par with believing a pair of Gucci $1600 sneakers will somehow, miraculously, get us better quality “steps” than if we were wearing $100 Nikes or $40 Vans.

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Governor’s Island Art Fair: A Must-See This September

Governor’s Island Art Fair: A Must-See This September

Governor’s Island is one of my favorite “getaways” and it’s right in Manhattan. A hidden gem for biking and walking, it also has the best views of the city.

For the last 12 years, I’ve always headed to Gov Island for what I consider to be one of the best art fairs in the city – one that’s run by, and for, artists.

This year it opened on Sunday, September 1st and will run through September 29th (weekends only). If you’re in NYC this month, put it on your calendar, you’ll thank me.

The fair is held in several of the Colonel’s Row Buildings with each artist assigned a dedicated space allowing them to create a totally immersive experience.

I checked it out on the opening weekend and although I went specifically for the art fair, there were so many other random discoveries, e.g., the Queen Mary 2 was docked in Red Hook, with Candace Bergen and Meryl Streep (celebrating her 70th) on board. The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus was also hosting its/ annual Unicycle Festival.

Scroll down for a look-see of all that Governor’s Island has to offer.

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