100 Gates Project: More Cities Need To Do This!


Have loved this project since its inception in 2015. The first few gates in my neighborhood were by Buff Monster (above lower left) and are still among my favorites.

  • The project connects local artists and merchants to collaborate on original murals that are painted on roll down security gates on the outside of these businesses. Over two years, the project has installed 100 gates in the Lower East Side. This year, they’re going to expand to other areas of the city. Harlem and Staten Island are next.
  • The project was initiated in 2014 by Billy Rohan, a local artist and pro skateboarder. The next year, it was brought to life by the Lower East Side Partnership (LESP), a not-for-profit economic development organization on New York’s Lower East Side.

I’m not sure how many other cities do this – but I highly recommend it. I’ve seen firsthand how it beautifies neighborhoods and creates community. For the most part, taggers and other graffiti peeps leave the works alone.

See below for current work up on Orchard Street and elsewhere downtown. Also, found a great rotating mural series displayed on the wall outside of Tictail Market at 90 Orchard Street. Currently featured: Miza Coplin, a Brooklyn-based illustrator. Images below.

Marcellus Hall


Artist unknown (not part of the 100 gates project)

Tictail Market Artist Series: Miza Coplin

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