Eating and gaming is now a thing: Twitch introduces Social Eating


Hmmm this is intriguing! Apparently, Korean social eating videos have been growing in popularity since 2010 and now attract thousands of viewers while turning the hosts into celebrities. In South Korea, it has established itself as a legitimate form of entertainment.

And since South Korea has ushered in so many other trends years before the rest of the world e.g. e-sports, K-Pop videos, mobile games, it is worth paying attention. I believe Social Eating has the potential to become a huge hit – especially when you consider the convergence of these 3 trends:

  • we have become totally food-focused in the States
  • we love gaming e.g. PokemonGo
  • we love to broadcast every last detail of our lives e.g. snapchat.

Twitch, for those of you who may not know, is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers.

Social Eating will exist as a single category among all the current game listings to enable the community to embrace this growing pastime.


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