How Did Unilever Suddenly Develop This Winning Streak?


A lot of the credit goes to whoever is behind their acquisitions. They’ve been absolutely stellar. Newest to the fold: Vermont-based Seventh Generation, known for natural and eco-conscious cleaning products. The 28-year old company recorded sales of more than $200 million last year.

This acquisition strengthens Unilever’s portfolio of purpose-driven brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Dove. It also reinforces their commitment to the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.

They’ve also been tweaking their food portfolio, making acquisitions for their fast-growing ice cream business while selling off poorly performing, off-trend brands like Ragu and Slim Fast. Last year they bought one of my faves, Grom (based in Turin, Italy), which has over 60 gelato shops. They have some stores in the US and if you’re a fan of affogato, they make a great one!! They also have that amazing Magnum ice cream pop up on Prince Street in Soho that is still going strong.

Per, here’s a list of Unilever’s most recent acquisitions – many in home and beauty care:

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