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Doing a lot of traveling this month so this is a topic near and dear to my heart.


This is supposedly a killer travel app for the modern tourist. It serves as a trip planner and travel guide for exploring new places. It organizes your plane tickets and hotel reservations, offers editorial guides to more than 200 cities, and makes personalized recommendations based on your Google history. The downside: it lists all trips that anyone who you have ever had gmail communications with has taken – so you have to spend quite a bit of time deleting trips once you sign up.

It does work offline which is great: you can download everything to your phone before you leave, including maps and walking directions — sparing you from having to find wifi.

I will be using it and reporting back while I am on my 10-day trip to Vegas, LA and Dallas. At first blush, it is a little disappointing but when I watched the above video I think it has a lot of potential but it does seem to require a lot of personal input.  I’m hoping it will quickly learn my tastes and then be amazing!!! At the moment, the top spots they list on the app are underwhelming.



Love the Freehand in Miami – especially the garden for day drinking. I checked out the accommodations and LOVE the design and the overall vibe. It’s very Ace-like – not surprising since Roman and Williams did both properties.

That said, I am reluctant to stay at Freehand because there are no private bathrooms. BUT, that is not stopping young professionals from staying there. Freehand also recently opened in Chicago. LA and New York are next.

Other design-led Poshtels to check out: Generator, with 14 properties across Europe, many in adaptive reuse buildings; Wombats in Berlin; Clink in London and Amsterdam.

40% of hostel guests nowadays are young professionals in their late 20s, often in creative fields e.g. design, fashion, IT, software-development. Another plus for solo travelers: hostels offer a more convivial work-trip experience than your average, corporate budget-approved Westin.



Another popular trend in major metros! The newest hotel to open in NYC with teeny, tiny rooms is the Arlo Hudson Square (231 Hudson Street). It’s by one of my favorite design firms, AvroKO, so this property has very high level design. Art on the walls is by my friend, Ryan Humphrey.

Besides the Arlo, other 150sqft rooms can be had at the Yotel, Pod Hotels and Citizen M in NYC.


4. LEGOLAND WINDSOR CASTLE-THEMED HOTEL (Opening in the UK in July 2017)

Booking for the 61-room hotel will open next month (October) and families can choose between two room types, Knights or Wizards – each with separate sleeping areas for adults and children.

Lego models, both large and small, will feature throughout from the lobby dominated by a giant Lego Wizard unleashing magic from his wand. See pictures below.

Legoland-Castle-Hotel copy

Legoland Windsor Castle


Legoland Windsor Castle Rooms


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