YURT ALERT! Really Want To Keep This To Myself But….

Without a doubt the most fun and amazing spot in NYC to while away early evenings and weekends during the winter months.

The Winter Garden includes Christmas trees for sale thru Brooklyn’s Crest Hardware, cutouts for photo ops, and blankets and heaters for outdoors drinking. But most importantly, the garden houses 5 or 6 yurts – all different sizes – that are heated, but also offer vintage fur coats should you get chilly. Each yurt also features a buzzer that alerts wait staff that you need more mulled wine or another fondue.


Details here.

Note: Garden closes on the early side (9pm) to accommodate neighbors so this is a spot to hit up from 4pm during the week and starting at noon on the weekend.  Two menu items I can definitely recommend: the fondue for 2 with sausages and the potted trout with caper jam – YUM!!  But everything looks delicious!

More pics below.

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