The Year of the Unicorn


The 2015 Toyota RAV4 on display at the Chicago Auto Show

The WSJ ran a story yesterday about how the toy industry is calling 2015 the year of the unicorn. From backpacks to bedspreads, big-box stores to high-end boutiques, manufacturers and retailers are betting on unicorn paraphernalia to boost their spring and fall lines all the way to Christmas. Link to full story here.

However, I think there’s more afoot here – just ask a couple of my friends, especially Jamie Dwyer and Katharine Linke – both longtime obsessives of the unicorn! In doing research on the history of the unicorn it gets pretty serious and dicey but in contemporary culture, the unicorn is beloved because it is a legendary beast — associated with all things magical, beautiful and happy. The mythical rarity of this symbol of royalty has evolved over the years. It can be anything from an equine-like beauty to a term meaning someone special (i.e., “Bro, that girl is definitely my unicorn”).

Mashable also has a fabulous article on the history of unicorns all the way from unicorn tapestries thru to Lisa Frank, Pokemon and My Little Pony here. Definitely worth checking out.

And check below the break for more on unicorns in kickstarter campaigns, at political rallies, at craft fairs, new minifigures from Lego, for theme parties, and at drag shows!


The Year of the Unicorn 2015 calendar


Political rally – Estonia??


Dollar Store Unicorn crafts


Magical Vintage Unicorn Party ~ Pink and Gold ~ with a DIY touch


Lego Girl Unicorn Figure


Amy Krouse Rosenthal, the author of ‘Uni the Unicorn,’ receives emails and letters from young fans of her book, about a unicorn who believes little girls really do exist.


Favorite unicorn books


Cool unicorn crochet beanies


Unicorn fannypacks


Drag Queens love Unicorns



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