2015 trends from Pinterest’s most influential pinners



In 2014 lots of guys grew beards and in 2015, Pinterest is predicting MORE beards as the lumbersexual look gets more popular.  Other hot trends for 2015 include cauliflower, Iceland vacations and vertical gardening!!  More below the break.

Apparently, the juicing craze is far from over. Check out The Magical Allergy Reliever Juice video pinned from YouTube.

Is cauliflower the new kale? This veggie could be making its way from a side dish into pizza recipes, as seen in the popular pin from Tasty Kitchen.


Cauliflower pizza crust

Organic modern could be the latest in DIY decor, as predicted in the tree slab table pinned by Emily Henderson.

Organic Modern

Organic Modern

Rug stencils are expected to hit home in 2015, helping crafters make one-of-a-kind designs on their carpets or floors. (Pinned by Yatzer)

Rug stencils for floors

Rug stencils for floors

It looks like hipsters and lumbersexuals won’t be ditching their facial hair anytime soon. “The Best Beard for Your Face” infographic, pinned from Mashable, has us convinced that the beard trend will be staying alive through the new year.

Smart watches will be available for purchase in 2015 and they’re expected to take off. There will be four other brands on the market alongside the Apple Watch, as seen in the popular graphic pinned from Businessweek.

Pinterest predicts double exposure techniques to show up more on photo sharing sites. The portrait style that was photographed and pinned by Michael O’Neill could be sparking a trend.


double exposure techniques

The Nordic country of Iceland might just be the new hot spot for travelers to frequent in 2015, as pinned by 7×7 magazine.



A pin from Buzzfeed forecasts vertical gardening could be all the rage. Just think living fence or trellis.


vertical gardening

The average-looking clothing trend otherwise known as “normcore” is expected to pop up in the 2015 fashion scene. Get ready to break out those blue jeans and cotton tees – as pinned by Pinterest.





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