2017 Retail Trends: 3 New Predictions – and Buzzwords


Trends in the business of retail don’t move very fast – in my opinion. For the last 5-7 years, I’ve been writing about e-commerce, big data, experiences – exactly the same trends that are being pushed for 2017.

However, I did find 3 new ideas – and accompanying buzzwords – that might just be game changers.

The first comes from Liz Holland, Chairman of the Int’l Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC):

1. Quick Bricking:

Call it coworking for e-commerce. In New York’s Soho district, Lightstone Group (a developer), has signed a 10,000-square-foot lease at 375 West Broadway, where it will open a shared space for online retailers to sell their goods. Called “bio,” the building (pics below) is scheduled to open early in 2017 and will be home to about 30 brands that specialize in beauty, fashion and home goods. There will also be a bar and café. If this works, it will take pop-ups and brand-retail to a new level.

Read on below for #2 and 3.

Quick Bricking: bio in Soho


375 West Broadway




Shopping with Alexa – Amazon’s Phase 2:

This is considered a major game changer. Amazon’s “Just Ask” on Echo (Alexa) offers daily promotions and special deals, and it knows your buying history, delivery address, and shipping and payment preferences. The reverberations of this winning combination will be felt by every brand and retailer. (Source: customerthink.com)


3. The End of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Cyber November (and December) are quickly replacing Black Friday and Cyber Monday – especially amongst tech-savvy retailers. (Source: Absolunet inc.)

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