3 Brand New Retailers To Check Out Now in NYC


Impressed by the new Adidas store at 565 Fifth Avenue (46th Street) – at 45,000 sq. ft, their largest global flagship. It’s especially interesting to see how radically different it is from the newest Nike Store in Soho that I wrote about a few weeks ago.

Here are some of the key differences:

Adidas has a much younger, edgier vibe – which ultimately makes it cooler than the Nike store:

  • stadium entryway
  • tech elements
  • use of industrial materials (metal mesh fencing, concrete)
  • high school locker dressing rooms
  • 50’s style furniture (chairs are awesome!)
  • juice bar (Grass Roots Juicery)
  • stadium seating – catch some sports on the large screen tvs or watch the crowds outside on 5th Avenue
  • product displays – really cool
  • Pharrell Williams line
  • signage
  • free wi-fi

By comparison, Nike is much more sophisticated, glitzier, not “street” at all – definitely seems geared to a 30+ customer esp. the “at your service/expert guidance” and fancy dressing rooms (vs. Adidas’ locker rooms)

See below for more photos of the Adidas store as well as for info on the new Todd Snyder store on 26th Street and the new AYR store on Lafayette.

Adidas Store Photos



Stairs to 2nd floor


Stickers section








Todd Snyder
23 East 26th Street


This gorgeous new store just opened – and is not fully operational yet. Nick Morgenstern’s El Rey Café is not open yet (but looks amazing and will be open beyond store hours). The on-site barbershop, Persons of Interest, is also not operational yet.

The store looks “gentlemanly” with dark walls, beautifully merchandised footwear, suits, casual attire. They also have an Aesop boutique (with sink to try products), books and photography and other gift items available through a partnership with 1stdibs.




Big shout out to Alejandro Rhett, Director of Merchandising for giving me a tour and for alerting me to the opening of  women’s retailer, AYR (all year round).


199 Lafayette Street


This is my kind of store and my kind of fashion. Really chill vibe – lots of plywood, limited assortment of clothing (in a muted palette) that AYR describes as “an independent clothing brand for independent women.” This is the online retailer’s first brick-and-mortar location.



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