3 Great UWS Spots – definitely worth the trek uptown!!


Manhattan Cricket Club

FINALLY!!!  Discovered 3 great spots on Manhattan’s Upper West Side that are totally worth the trip uptown. Only one is totally new but they are all still new-ish to me.


OMG – I love this place. It is upstairs above Burke & Wills restaurant.  It’s a no-standing place – so I would recommend you only attempt to come here Sunday-Wednesday unless you want to wait (which I never want to do).  Very speakeasy style – opt for the front bar if at all possible. The entryway to the bar is hidden in the restaurant below. My drink is the Bonfire of the Calamities (delish!!).  Quite a few of their cocktails have a smoky flavor.  If you’re in luck, Cory will be your bartender.

Read below for my take on Parm and Red Farm – as well as pics of all.

PARM, 235 Columbus Avenue bet 70th and 71st

Parm is owned and operated by Major Food Group founded by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick. The original was in my neighborhood downtown on Mulberry Street.  The uptown location is HUGE – very loud and raucous but still fun – and they take reservations.  Interestingly, the menu has several of the same dishes that you’ll find on the Santina menu but at Parm they are less expensive. I recommend the linguine vongole.  I would give the vegetable antipasti a miss – we had the spicy rabe and the buffalo cucumbers – both underwhelming.  For dessert, however, I highly recommend the key lime cake – awesome!!


Huge space – very butcher-shop vibe up front and then more old-school red sauce joint in back.


I’d def come back and have lunch at the bar


Check out the wallpaper if you come here – really cool, old school style


RED FARM, 2170 Broadway bet 76th and 77th

Another downtown hot spot with an uptown location that is vast compared to the one on Hudson Street.  No reservations which is a total bummer. Uptown menu is also slightly different altho all the hits are available. My experience here has been that most of the waiters are excellent and their recommendations are worth following.


Cool space


Pacman style


Love the space



Hidden doorway to the bar from the downstairs restaurant


The front bar is my favorite – so nice to sit by the doors that open up to a small balcony

Manhattan Cricket Club - New York, NY

The Founding Team, from left: Greg Seider (mixologist), Matilda Boland (restaurateur), Tim Harris (restaurateur)




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