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Clint Peralta - a little more fancy than I have ever seen him but I like this look!!

Clint Peralta – a little more fancy than I have ever seen him but he definitely rocks this look!!

I’ve known Clint for at least 10 years – he was referred to me as someone who really knows what’s up in LA and he has not disappointed me even once!  I’ve followed his career as the founder of a really cool food truck called Great Balls on Tires and was super excited to check out the raw space that will become GBOT in DTLA (right next to the Regent Theater on S. Main Street).  I am super excited that Clint agreed to do 3 Questions With .. for me.  I absolutely LOVED reading about his favorite restaurants, his favorite brands and where he sees the scene shifting to in LA.  Enjoy!!!


Guelaguetza (Oaxacan Restaurant).  I love everything about this place!!!

The people and the culture.  Side note:  A restaurant mentor told me that the secret to good back of house people in L.A. are Oaxacans.

The food is created with so much love.  I love, love the mole negro but I could eat anything here from the tasajo (beef), alambres and carnes especial.  And they have things that are “off the menu” like CRICKET TACOS.  LOL.

Plus, their mezcal drinks are almost half what other bars charge in the city.  Drinks are buy one get one free on Friday’s from 7-8pm so this is easily my favorite watering hole on Fridays.  I love the Garra de Tigre or Margarita Guelaguetza.

And they have bands always performing…And Bricia, the owner, sat on the City Hall panel that approved my liquor license.


Guelaguetza Restaurant on W. Olympic Blvd.


Lucques.  Chef Suzanne Goin opened this place in 1998.  Sitting in the courtyard for her Sunday Supper’s is to me, the classic L.A. restaurant experience.

Lucques 2

Garden dining

Starry Kitchen

I am such a fan but especially the Singapore Chili Crab.  It’s messy, gooey, delicious goodness.

Nguyen and his wife started their restaurant careers by having food pop-ups at their apartment.  The health department caught wind and shut them down.  Today, they pop up in a seedy Chinatown bar called The Grand Star which has a lighted dance floor.  LOL.

Nguyen is the craziest person I know in the restaurant business.  He wears a banana suit and also serves a crispy tofu ball but he takes the innuendo to uncomfortable levels.  He engages in Twitter/Facebook wars with customers who find him offensive.  It’s the best!  The complaints on Yelp are hilarious.

I love going to his restaurant because you can’t recreate this kind of divey cool and talking to Nguyen is always an adventure.  It makes the already terrific food, more terrific.


Nguyen in his banana suit


Nguyen and his wife


I don’t shop much.  I don’t know when that changed but it’s a chore to me.


My Aga Legacy Stove.  Not only do I love its timeless look but the first cast iron stove was introduced in England in 1929 and it helped heat the home.  Whether that’s true or not, I’m not sure but to me, it’s the heart of my home.


Comme des Garcons.

When I cared about being “fashionable,” I loved following Comme des Garcons and reading articles on its founder and designer Rei Kawakubo.  I love this quote:  “I just decided to make a company built around creation, and with creation as my sword, I could fight the battles I wanted to fight.” — Rei Kawakubo.  comme-des-garcons-hermes-0

Designer Alessandro Esteri’s soft moleskin-like notebooks

I always carry Designer Alessandro Esteri’s soft moleskin-like notebooks and a black Ticonderoga #2 pencil.  I love what Kevin Roberts of Saatchi & Saatchi says that “Ideas are the currency of the future” and I think great tools inspire great ideas.     pack_with_books

But, perhaps the only brand I truly couldn’t live without is my little 7 year old start-up and daughter, Roen.



I’m excited to see areas such as Whittier and South Gate develop over the next ten years.  In Whittier, I love the newly opened Bottle Room Bar and want to see South Gate’s new coffee shop.

It’s fascinating to see Chicano/Latino culture intersecting with a new generation who want their well crafted beer and barista made coffee.  I love this about L.A.       8101812P1


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