3 Questions with Mel DeLancey: Go see her show, it’s fabulous!!


I first met Mel Delancey last December when she did a showcase for her musical, Tinder Roulette, at Don’t Tell Mama.  I loved the storytelling and her voice is great – and I thought it had Broadway potential. It’s still not on Broadway but the show is currently being staged at the 13th Street Rep – you can still catch it on October 16, 17, 23 and 24!!  Highly recommend it!!

When she is not performing, writing, or rehearsing for her show, Mel is an independent personal trainer. Her company is joyfulfitnessny.com.

I am so thrilled that she agreed to do 3 Questions. Read below for her inspirations, brands she can’t live without and places to check out in her neighborhood.  I am craving that sushiritto at JP Street right now!!  Hope they are on seamless.

1. Your favorite sources of what’s new/ what inspires you?

I have a very social job (personal trainer), so I get a lot recommendations and news from my clients. Especially the ones aged 70-85, most of them are committed to thoroughly reading the New York Times daily and they seem more aware of the world as a larger place where things are constantly changing than my younger clients who are hyper focused on their careers and immediate goals.

I have two smart and attractive female clients closer in age to me who inspire me with fashion and shopping advice, a single male client for tips on date spots, a foodie client turned me onto the website: Eatupnewyork.com, and my young parent clients tell me all about what the kids are doing these days. One of them used me to create an undercover snapchat account to see what her daughter’s not-so-nice friends were up to. It was a failed mission, we couldn’t figure the darn thing out.

2. Brands/stores/services etc. that you can’t live without

Gilt.com – I’ve been using this site to do all of my clothes shopping for years. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a fashionista yet, but before Gilt I was a hopeless case. The discounts on great designers has really helped me slowly upgrade my entire wardrobe and my fashion IQ. Plus I feel really good about what I wear when I go out!


Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.50.12 PM

Organic Avenue – I’m probably going to need a second job to keep supporting my almost daily “Green Love” and “Matcha Chia Glo” habit. And I think the adorable counter boy has a little crush on me.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 4.52.22 PM

Aaaaannnnd… personal trainer confession… since it’s gonna start getting cold soon: The Milk Hot Chocolate from LA Burdick on 20th street.




3. What’s new in your neighborhood that I should check out

JP Street (52 East 8th Street) – I just discovered this near Astor Place. They have sushirritos which I didn’t know was my dream-lunch until I saw it on their menu! They also have delicious teriyaki rice bowls and stuff like that. They’re very fast and the counter people are friendly.




Nimble St. Marks – So this is a bit of a shout out for my friends and colleagues since I’m an independent trainer at the original Nimble Fitness on 12th street, a wonderful place full of smart-focused personal trainers who give superior customized care to their clients. Their new studio on St. Marks is such a special facility that when I went there for the first time I got goosebumps. Nothing like this exists in the East Village for fitness and their training team is top notch.



Dear Irving – Got taken here on a date recently. Sexy upscale decor but friendly down to earth vibe to it. Fun cocktails.



The Pavilion at Union Square – I’m sure it’s closing for the winter very soon but this was my summer go-to cocktails – to snacks – to dinner – to dessert spot. 🙂



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