3 Questions with Michelle Park, TV host, beauty and health guru, trend expert

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Michelle is a TV host focusing on food, health, fashion & beauty. She appears on CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, and Steve Harvey.  I first met Michelle thru Loreen Stevens and have always valued her perspective on what’s trending around the nation. What’s unique about Michelle – and what makes her point of view so valuable – is that she is able to identify which trends will be adopted in different regions of the country – and in what form. She also has a great on-air personality so is totally fun to watch!!

Michelle is one of my go-to’s for info on what is new and cool. She knows all the chill places to hang out e.g. Le Bernardin’s bar (have never been but will def check it out now) to Title Boxing to great NYC classics like Esposito’s Meat Market in her Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.


I have been obsessed with the NY Times since I was 8 and started reading the NY Times Magazine cover to cover on the weekends. Now, I obviously don’t go to the newsstand every morning, but log on to get some idea of what’s going on in the world.

I’m also an avid reader of Buzzfeed. Talk about two extremes right? But I find that all the young, trendy stuff that the NY Times is missing, is usually filled in my Buzzfeed

Finally, my friends here in NYC are forever going to be my main influence and inspiration. Whether they are fashion designers, chefs, interior decorators, network execs, art collectors, bloggers or what have you, they are amazing people which is why NYC is the best city in the world!


Can’t live without a gel manicure. I am extremely clumsy and tend to chip my nails about 20 minutes after they are freshly done. This does not read so well on camera, so the rise and ubiquity of gel manicures has been a godsend for me

Also cannot live without Amazon. I think free 2-day shipping is a beautiful, miraculous, glittery thing, and i am so grateful that I can order everything from toilet paper to bread on amazon.

Finally, I can probably live without this one, but life would be way less fun. Le Bernardin’s bar area has become a regular meeting place for my friends. The snacks never disappoint. The cocktails are phenomenal. We have become friends with the bartenders and somms, as they come and go, we all still keep in touch. LB gets such a hoity toity reputation, but going there for a simple hangout and some champagne is a little secret that most don’t realize you can do in a casual way.


Le Bernardine Lounge and bar snacks


My husband and I have been living in Hell’s Kitchen for almost 4 years now, and it’s such an ever-changing neighborhood. I believe “up-and-coming” is often used to describe the area.

Brooklyn Fare Market is fairly new but their cheese counter is my favorite part of the store, definitely worth a drive by.


There’s also Title Boxing if you are the type to go take workout classes. I am not. My husband loves them though. But for me, HK is more about the old than the new.


Esposito’s Meat Market is our neighborhood butcher shop, where the owner, Bobby, greets you like a friend. It’s been there for decades. They will cut your meat however which way you ask, no matter how ridiculous your request.


Also Barbetta, which has been around for a century, i believe, is worth going in to relive old New York.


Anyway, if you are ever in HK, let me know and I’ll just take you around 🙂

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