3 Questions with R.B. Umali, Legendary Skateboard Filmer, DJ, Genuine Lower East Sider


I’ve known R.B. for about 15 years through my Zandl Group crew (most of whom had gone to NYU with him). As luck would have it, our offices were at 270 Lafayette Street, right above Supreme (THE skate mecca at the time), so I would routinely see RB in the neighborhood, always filming/always on his skateboard.  I’d seen a few of his skate videos and when it came time to dial up our trend presentations with videos, he was the first person I asked. Working with RB has always been fantastic – he’s not only a great editor but also has great instincts for what’s on the cultural tip. I remember distinctly one early video where he used X by Xzibit for the soundtrack.  I loved it, and more importantly, my clients LOVED it. It was a real game changer for us – he really took our presentations to another level – so much so, that clients started to ask, first and foremost, what videos I was bringing with me!!  RB is also one of my go-to’s for expert advice on anything tech related.  Really thrilled that he took the time to let us know what’s on his radar!!  In doing the 3 Questions, it was also really cool for me to discover how much of a foodie R.B. has turned into  – looking forward to checking out some of his neighborhood faves!

As a side note, some of you may not know about my fascination with skateboarding.  It includes my role in getting xtreme sports stamps issued in the mid-90’s while I was serving on the USPS’ Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee. Major highlight: I got to attend the first X-Games in San Francisco where the stamps were launched.  My art collection is also distinctly from the skating/street art world with most of it coming from Aaron Rose’s Alleged Gallery (e.g. Mark Gonzales, Margaret Kilgallen, Chris Johanson, Thomas Campbell and Shepard Fairey – all artists associated with Beautiful Losers).

RB’s 3 Questions below the break.

What’s new in your neighborhood that we should check out?

Max Fish 2.0 at 120 Orchard Street for a 5 Alive shot with Marc Razo and a game of pool with a local celebrity.


The Hashtag #jakelamottathedog on Instagram

The new and improved Mission Chinese Food on East Broadway


Danny Bowien welcomes you to his new hot spot

Tuome on East 5th Street between A&B


Russ & Daughters Cafe across the street from Max Fish


Ochado for the Wagyu Buns on Orchard Street between Broome and Grand


Cheeseburgers at Black Market on 7th and A next to Niagara

Lil Frankies for the Fire Roasted Eggplant and Spaghetti Al Limone at the bar with DJ Dirrty from Baller’s Eve (eastvillageradio – RIP)

www.know-wave.com for radio shows – esp. The “Dirrt Wave”, “Max Fish” and Alex Olson/Eric Duncan

The Andy Warhol Museum on Broome and Ludlow/Essex Crossing (in the year 2025)


3 favorite sources of inspiration for your work

My Creative Friends, Family and Colleagues


The Infinite Sources of the World Wide Web

New York City

3 brands/stores/services you couldn’t live without

Apple (Mac Pro, iPhone, iPad, etc.)

Brita’s Filtered Water in my fridge

Con Edison’s Gas and Electricity


Freelance Video Work on Vimeo

Zoo York Videographer

RED Camera REDirect

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