3 Questions with Ry Scruggs and Nadia Yaron, Co-Founders NightwoodNY


Ry (left) and Nadia (right) co-founders, partners in NightwoodNY

I first met Ry and Nadia in 2008 at the Brooklyn Flea in Ft. Greene and immediately became a superfan.  It was so clear to me that they were an extraordinary talent. Their gorgeous hand-crafted, modern rustic aesthetic was a winner and they routinely sold out everything they made. I managed to snag several of their chairs – which I feature in my loft like art pieces. Ry typically does all the woodworking while Nadia specializes in textiles and weavings. The link to their website is here.

Read below the break for their sources of inspiration, brands they love and a tipsheet of new places to check out in their neighborhood in Brooklyn (Sisters and Doris both look amazing!!!).  I’ve also added more images, at the end of the post, of some of my favorite pieces from their collections.


1. World of Interiors Magazine

1391751875_t_w_o_i_2014_03_downmagazWe stumbled upon a copy of this magazine in someone’s trash pile about 9 years ago when we were just in the beginning stages of forming Nightwood. And it made such an impression on us both. It’s still consistently the best interior magazine in print today. There is always one modern/alternative/eclectic feature and then one reclusive artist hut (or some such) and maybe an opulent castle dressed to the nines……. the history and/or character of each place is never mainstream like so many other places promoted in other magazines.
We use this as a starting point for gathering inspiration for every new job and we have a ridiculous collection of them on hand for this activity.

2. 1st Dibs

7887_1298249646_5Clearly, we look to the old rather than the new for most of our inspiration and 1st Dibs always has the best collection of high end vintage furnishings. Even when the budget on a project doesn’t allow us to source items directly, we use the site purely for inspiration for specific projects or when thinking about designing new furniture. You can always find original (and knock-off) antiques that feel like works of art. It’s a totally reliable source for us that always delivers the goods and the inspiration.

3. Roman and Williams


rendering for John Dory Oyster Bar at The Ace Hotel

We actually saw a feature on an interior by this design firm in an issue of World of Interiors years ago and immediately felt connected to their sense of style and ease. They make the most beautiful drawings for their design plans which is inspiring to see in this age of 3D digital renderings. Romance is definitely alive in their work and this is very inspiring to see and feel inside the actual environment they create.


(can’t live without are strong words for us, but here are three we really very much enjoy):

1. Quality Mending Co.


At the corner of Prince and Elizabeth

This place has all the oldy timey clothing that your (our) heart desires! And they fix it when it’s broken. They also have a line of vintage-inspired pieces. Every time we walk in, we walk out with something. Now that we both have a fine acquired taste for natural fabrics, there is nothing like quality garments of yesterday that are well made (like so many things fabricated in the past–made to last) of cotton, denim, linen, canvas…all the favorites. And their stock leans to the utility which is a preference of both of ours in application and style.

2. Sri Threads

L1080351Nadia discovered Sri Threads a few years ago when we were working with a client on her Oak Island cottage. Stephen at Sri has the most exquisite collection of vintage Japanese textiles. When you see them in person, the vivid color/patterns and quality of fabric is actually breathtaking. Now we are maybe addicted (feels like it when we get in that room and just want more!!!)…. We find a way to use a few of his pieces in almost every project.

3. Oroboro

Previously known as Beautiful Dreamers, this store in Williamsburg is Nightwood’s kindred spirit. It’s a sensory experience inside their storefront. You can always find something beautiful and new including clothing and home accessories. They have a finely curated collection from local designers and artisans. If we need an injection of beautiful objects in our life, we can always find something here. Great place to find the perfect gift for that stylish friend.


1. Sisters

07hartman-sisters1-tmagArticleThis is a new bar/restaurant in Clinton Hill on Fulton. It was designed by http://home-nyc.com and has a really pretty stunning interior and atmosphere. It’s really cool to us (and probably all the neighborhood locals) that this used to be a local hardware store by the same name. Because, I mean, it’s such a great name. For a hardware store AND a super chic Brooklyn hangout.
Once you’re done absorbing the details of the woodwork, tiles, bars, ceilings, skylights and all the nooks too…they also have delicious food and drinks and a pretty consistent mixed neighborhood crowd. Best thing to happen to our nightlife in a long time.

2. Next best thing to happen to neighborhood nightlife …..Doris Bar

1383897_401305593329233_1158738922_nThis is not as new as Sisters, but new-ish and seems to getting better in it’s sophomore year. It draws the best mixed crowd of original and new wave Brooklyn. The decor leans southwestern with a modern twist and bauhaus nod and just. feels. right. DJ’s on the weekends (funk, hip-hop, disco, afro jazz/pop), great beer, tequila cocktails, sandwiches and a sweet outdoor area in the summer! And there is a bit of a mini dance party on the limited available floorspace (at least when I’m there!).

3. Pecks

PecksThis new gourmet deli was such a welcome addition to the neighborhood on Fort Green/Clinton Hill’s lesser hyped (than Dekalb) but perhaps more traveled Myrtle Ave. And is just a hop/skip from our place. It opened last year and we became immediately addicted to their homemade pretzel buns, maple biscuits and curated condiment selection. It’s the classic upscale take on classic Jewish deli items and other standards. And it was seriously about time our neighborhood finally had a place to get a decent baguette!



Scene from their Williamsburg Store


Ry finishing off a piece


Wood and textiles


My favorite chairs


Nightwood, a Brooklyn design firm, furnished Aya Yamanouchi Lloyd’s living room in her Boerum Hill home with reworked vintage pieces. Photo by: Trevor Tondro for The New York Times


One of my absolute favorite chairs



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