3 Top Fashion Trends for 2017

One of my favorite Comme Des Garcon’s Outfits (right) with Adidas top left and Anthom bottom left

Here’s what I’m seeing in stores, out and about, and on social media as I start to shop for summer:

1. Wide leg pants and other oversized silhouettes

  • Especially interested in checking out the new styles at Anthom (see wide leg orange pants above)
  • For this past winter, I loved their oversized knit sweater which I wear with my COS wide leg pants (note the Anthom sweater is the most expensive single item I bought in 2016).

2. Adidas – sales up 17.5% in 2016

  • Have been very impressed by everything the brand has been doing lately as it outperforms both Nike and Under Armour. Their high-end collaborations with designers e.g. Alexander Wang have been outstanding.
  • I will be checking out their classic shoe styles e.g. the Stan Smith and the Superstar, as I prepare for my upcoming trip.

3. Comme Des Garcons

  • Absolutely not in my budget but lately I have been seeing so many young women downtown sporting Comme des Garcons and I am craving their jackets – see above pic right, with the frayed edges – I absolutely adore this look (her entire outfit is close to $3000).  And, btw, my fondness for Comme des Garcons is longstanding – it used to be my favorite brand when I was in my financially irresponsible period.

Also found some interesting info on beauty trends – especially on Ulta. See below.

Biggest news is Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance which continues to dominate the space.

Per Bloomberg:

  • Shares surged 38% last year, four times higher than the S&P’s 500 Index’s gain.
  • Each of their stores offers both mass and prestige brands, a hair salon, and brow grooming (no other stores offer all 3 services apparently?)
  • This format — a one-stop retail model with salon services — helped it overtake Sephora in 2015 to become the largest beauty-specialist retailer in the U.S., with a 27% market share.
  • Since it went public a decade ago, annual revenue has quadrupled to $3.9 billion.
  • The company is opening its first Manhattan location in 2017
  • 90% of sales come from loyalty program members
  • 90% of its stores are located in outdoor shopping centers, rather than enclosed malls.


Pop Up Beauty Retail in Asia Is Heating Up

  • Interest in pop ups has increased by 50% in last 12 months
  • Pop-ups optimize short term promotional campaigns
  • Global and economic uncertainty is impacting brands’ attitudes to risk – making short term pop ups a more rational option vs. long term leases/flagship stores


Korean beauty brands are booming

  • Labiotte’s lipsticks come in mini wine bottles and contain real wine extract
  • They include Cabernet Red, Malbec Burgundy, Nebbiolo Red and Shiraz Red
  • The lipsticks, glosses and balms also promise huge anti-ageing benefits


Beauty Incubators Are Hot:

  • Seed Beauty, an LA-based company, is the hottest beauty incubator today.
  • They are the brand behind cult beauty brand Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics whose new product releases sell out within minutes.


  • This beauty startup’s iPhone app scans your skin and creates a foundation specific to your skin tone for $49.
  • MatchCo mixes up a foundation exclusively for you, rather than matching your skin to an existing range of shades.
  • As of last October, their app had been downloaded more than 100,000 times
  • Their user base is women in their 40s and older.


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