4 Cool Wallpapers When You Need A Room Makeover


It’s been at least 5 years since I have given my loft any kind of an update – which might explain why I have this hankering to jazz up the accent wall in my bedroom.

And I want to do it with wallpaper – a trend that’s been around for a while but still growing in popularity.

Read on below for the 4 looks I am seeing first hand esp.in hip restaurants and hotels.


This palm leaf look has been around forever (first on my radar when Indochine opened way back in the day) but has made a spectacular comeback at hip spots like El Cortez in Bushwick.


El Cortez in Bushwick

From a Max Mara shoot at Indochine

$250 a roll!!

Tropical Palm Wall Mural, Murals Wallpaper



  • Bugs, butterflies, insects. LOVE THIS LOOK.
  • Muted, elegant floral patterns – the wallpaper of the year for 2018 from Graham & Brown (UK)

Bugs Silver Wallpaper, Graham & Brown

Wallpaper of the Year for 2018 – Pierre. A beautifully hand painted blush Magnolia floral complimented with a white gold metallic backdrop. From Graham & Brown.



Tactility, texture, knits, weaves, cane work and wood grain with layered, natural finishes – very hygge.

White Knit Texture Wall Mural, Murals Wallpaper



Incorporating silver-metallics, great for poorly lit rooms (metallics help bounce light around and give an illusion of space).

Sparkle Star Metallic Wallpaper Navy


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