5 brands killing it on Instagram with unique, creative storytelling


Fascinating research from Salesforce.com shows 34% of marketers actively use Instagram and 67% of them find it very effective.Read below for more on Target (LOVE their IG!!), Airbnb, Nordstrom, Starbucks and GE and how they are leveraging Instagram to tell their brand stories in unique, creative ways . Includes great tips on how to grow your followers though better visual storytelling, awe-inspiring shots, and showcasing your products in fun ways.

1. TARGET1-pjFt3q1ydRyPPz-WR8vbkgTarget excels at bringing to life ordinary items in fun, whimsical ways. While almost every one of their images features a product they sell, it rarely comes across as overly promotional.

TIP: Find unique and creative ways to highlight your products— your followers want to be delighted, not sold to.



Airbnb has some really stunning photos — whether it’s travel destinations or a peek inside one of their listings. They do an excellent job with beautiful visuals to capture the discovery and wonderment that travel is all about.
TIP: Instagram can be a powerful storytelling tool so find ways to bring your values and key messages to life through photos. And don’t skimp on photo quality — it can make a big difference in how your brand is perceived.



GE posts awe-inspiring shots include large wind turbines that entertain their followers with strong results.

TIP: No matter what your organization or brand is about, find ways to share more of your story or even educate your audience in new, visual ways.



Starbucks has over 5.3M followers on Instagram and they continuously find clever ways to showcase their products. They’ve also done a fantastic job integrating photos from their community into their feed.

TIP: Engage your community through fun visuals and incorporate user-generated photos with ones that come from your brand to mix things up and give a voice to your customers.



The company regularly features creative shots of their products and stores, and have successfully bridged the gap between digital and physical through hosting Instameets to interact with their community offline and has actually made many of their photos “shoppable.”
TIP: Go big! And no, that doesn’t mean hauling in a giant sign to hang outside your office. But, as with any social network, much of your success depends on what you put into it. Post frequently, engage with your audience, and find ways to maximize the platform that’s right for your business.

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