5 Downtown/LES Art Shows to Check Out This Month


Katsu Drones at The Hole

Spent a few hours checking out some new shows in my neck of the woods.  On a really cold day, I prefer to get my art fix locally as opposed to fighting the windswept tundra to get to Chelsea or going uptown.  Also, good to note that most of these galleries are open Wednesday thru Sunday so you can catch shows on the weekend.  I’m giving them to you in an order that makes sense for a walking tour.

INVISIBLE EXPORTS, Fetching Blemish (til 2/15)      

89 Eldridge Street, Wednesday-Sunday 11am-6pm


Great little gallery and terrific group show at the moment – loved the Nicole Eisenman drawing, the painting by Genieve Figgis and the Amy Sedaris pieces.

MUNCH GALLERY,   Travels with Johnny – New Works by Scooter LaForge (til 3/8)

245 Broome Street, Wednesday-Sunday 12noon-6pm


Love this painting show – reminds me of time spent in the Southwest – especially around Bisbee, AZ.

LAUREL GITLEN GALLERY,   Eraser (til 2/15)

122 Norfolk Street, Wednesday-Sunday 11am – 6pm


LOVE this gallery – great space and terrific show. Make sure you travel all the way thru the back to the video room.

LYNCH THAM, 175 Rivington Street, Wed-Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 12noon-6pm

Talk to the Hand with nine artists including Richard Serra, Haim Steinbach, Martin Wong, Carlos Ferraris (til 2/15)


EXCELLENT show at a small but exquisite gallery in the far reaches of Rivington Street. Definitely putting on my galleries to watch list.

THE HOLE, Katsu, Remember The Future (til 2/22)              

312 Bowery, Tuesday-Saturday, Tuesday – Saturday 12noon – 7pm


Katsu’s Drones

ALWAYS on my radar and always interesting shows.  This one, particularly interesting and forward-looking.  Altho doing the Mark Zuckerberg portrait with his own poop, is a little childish.  But the drones are fabulous.





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