Check out littleBits: super fun and turns kids into inventors!


Inviting window display

Discovered the LittleBits store in Soho this weekend based on an article in FastCompany.  LittleBits is an open source library of Lego-like modular electronics that snap together with magnets. Can’t say I really get what they are doing but the store was packed, kids were having a great time and it was unlike anything I’d seen before. If any of my friends with kids check it out, let me know what you think and I’ll update the post.

The founder and CEO is Ayah Bdeir, an MIT Media Lab graduate and TED senior fellow. Since launching in 2011, LittleBits has grown to 70 different types of modules, which translates to millions of combination possibilities.

Read more below on the store design which is pretty cool – as well as photos from my visit on Saturday, August 29.  (LittleBits, 355 West Broadway, NYC)

To create the store’s “interface,” Bdeir called on Montreal-based firm Daily Tous les Jours (DTLJ), which specializes in public art and interactive installations.

DTLJ created a finished-unfinished environment reminiscent of a workshop. The airy, split-level space is lined with large, light-colored wood panels outfitted with pegs for holding LittleBits modules as well as examples of what they can do, like a lever that releases cat food into a pet’s dish when you send it a text message from miles away. The panels are movable—much like the LittleBits themselves—so that the store can be reconfigured easily.


Busy afternoon


Everyone is an inventor


skateboard kit


everything has potential

FullSizeRender 170

Super busy afternoon


One of the littlebits inventors


store exterior


Sidewalk sandwich board

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