6 Trends That Will Define How We Work In 2015


From personal experience and from talking with friends who are working either for themselves or at large companies, there are some pretty interesting changes afoot in the workplace.  This recent article from Business Insider offers a great round up of the most important trends and is definitely worth a read.  Link here.

The trends I see as most significant: 
The mainstreaming of “third space” work environments like WeWork, Neuehouse or Regus. In Germany, Regus (the world’s largest provider of “third-space” work solutions) has now launched offices co-located at Shell petrol stations to enable drivers to conduct meetings, access printing and internet facilities, and mail and collect packages while on the road.  Also, as the freelance economy grows (over 34% of Americans), this trend will continue to gain traction.
The revolving door is back
86% of employees are already looking for work outside their current occupations and nearly one third of employers expect workers to job hop. The only thing that companies can do to increase retention rates is to create a superior work culture in which employees have friends, are engaged in their work and get perks.
Employers need to brand themselves to attract the best talent and social media is key
58% of people are more likely to want to work at a company if they are using social media and over 20% are more likely to stay at their company if they are using social media. People want to work for interesting companies and when they see social media posts it gives them a better sense of what they are about. They are sick of seeing press releases and corporate websites and want something that is more “real”.

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