Digital Health Wish List – Trends Shaping Future Medical Practices


Visited my doctor this week to get shots for my upcoming BIG trip: Yellow Fever, Hep A, Polio, and Tetanus – Ouch!  I LOVE my doctor and her practice is like family to me BUT every time I visit any medical practice, it’s jarring to see how antiquated and non-tech savvy the medical field is versus businesses like Warby Parker or Zappos or even my bank (depositing checks thru my Chase app is pretty cool!).

So I was more than a little curious to check out the new report on healthcare that recently released: “State of the Connected Patient”. In this report, they surveyed more than 1,700 Americans who have health insurance and a primary care doctor and they included questions on how patients are currently connecting with their providers, as well as their technology requests for the future.  Millennials, not surprisingly, would rather engage with their providers digitally. But I’m pretty sure most of us – no matter our age – would prefer a more digitally-forward medical practice.

Here is the digital health “wish list” that millennials (along with the rest of us!) want our medical practitioners to provide:

1. 76% want online reviews from other patients when selecting a doctor

2. 74% want to book online appointments/ pay bills when selecting a doctor

3. 73% want their doctors to use mobile devices during appointments to share information.

4. 71% want doctors/providers to give them a mobile app on their smartphone/tablet to actively manage their well-being for preventative care, review health records, schedule appointments.

5. 63% would proactively provide health data from WiFi/wearable devices to allow their doctor/provider to monitor their well-being.

6. 61% want 3D printed health devices (prosthetics, hearing aids etc.)

7. 60% want to use telehealth options (e.g., video chat with a doctor) so they don’t have to come into the office for an appointment.

8. 57% want cutting-edge devices like pills that can monitor their internal vitals when swallowed.


The link to the article on these trends, here.

The link to the full report, here.

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