About Irma Zandl & The Opinionator

Over the last 20 years, Irma has been acknowledged as one of America’s foremost experts on trends. As founder and president of The Zandl Group, she pioneered groundbreaking work with industry experts, innovators and tastemakers. Additionally, her client scouting trips and scene immersions allowed her to anticipate emerging trends and early shifts in consumer behavior.

Her newest venture, The Opinionator, will keep you on the forefront of trends in design, food and beverage, entertainment, business and social media. Subscribe for a daily post to stay relevant and on top of your game.

Irma lives and works on the Lower East Side and can always be found tooling around the neighborhood on Citibike (her preferred mode of transportation). Irma is also well known for covering the restaurant scene and for hosting social gatherings and dinners at her Rivington Loft or at her favorite hangouts for work and play: Ludlow House and Neuehouse.

She’s also very active in the contemporary art world, having become involved early on with the street art movement through Aaron Rose’s Alleged Gallery. Her collection includes works by Margaret Kilgallen, Mark Gonzales, Chris Johanson, Thomas Campbell, Cost Revs, Swoon, Shepard Fairey and Ryan Humphrey, among others.