About Irma Zandl & The Opinionator


Acknowledged for developing the concept of the “Alpha Consumer” which became the basis for what is known today as trend/Influencer marketing. My book on the subject, Targeting the Trendsetting Consumer, was published by WSJ/Dow Jones in 1992.

With my newest venture, The Opinionator, I’m continuing to explore what’s next in how we live, work and play. And how those trends impact different generations: Gen Z, Millennials and Boomers.

Available to advise and consult with companies/organizations looking for insight on how to navigate change, anticipate trends, learn from best-in-class brands and entrepreneurs.

Advisory work frequently taps into the exceptional network of industry experts, innovators and startups that I’ve developed and grown over the last decade. They serve as an invaluable resource as speakers and as experts-in-residence.

Formerly: Founder of Xtreme Inc. and The Zandl Group