Air Fryer: Top Trend on Pinterest, Up a Whopping 1809% in 2017


Invented by Philips in 2010: STILL one of the hottest kitchen gadgets.

For healthy home cooks who also love fried foods, this is your must-have kitchen gadget. I’d seen it around but fried foods are not my thing, so went right over my head.

But when it became the BIGGEST trend on Pinterest, it got my attention:

  • Air fryer pins increased 1,809% in 2017
  • Brussels Sprouts and tater tots are among the most popular recipe items (on both Pinterest and Google)

On Google Trends, the growth spurt for “Air Fryer” searches was also impressive.

  • It really popped over Thanksgiving/Black Friday especially for Walmart
  • Based on google, Cuisinart is a top brand.
  • Other brand names breaking out: Nuwave and Haier.

And in case there is anybody out there who doesn’t know what an air fryer is:

  • It’s a self-contained, countertop convection oven cooker that promises the taste and texture of deep-fried food, but with just a fraction of the oil, a fraction of the time, and a fraction of the kitchen skill.
  • There’s actually no frying going on inside your air fryer.
  • From most reviews I’ve read, the taste of air fryer food isn’t quite on a par with real deep-fried foods but the process is just so much easier, cleaner and hassle-free.
  • BOTTOM LINE: Most people feel the taste differential is minimal and they’d rather go the easy route. Air Fryer WINS.

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AIR FRYER: One of the top 7 trends of 2017 from Mother Nature Network





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