AirHelp – this app gets you paid for delayed flights


Met Henrik Zillmer and Nicolas Michaelsen, two founders of AirHelp, at the Nasdaq Social* the other night and was blown away by their startup.  If  you’ve been on a delayed flight for the last three years, you can claim money using this app.

For a delayed, canceled or overbooked flight in Europe, you can get up to $800 per flight. In the U.S., you could end up with $1,300 for an overbooked flight. According to AirHelp, only 0.1 percent of eligible passengers get their compensation.

“If passengers try and claim themselves, they’ll have to send tons of documents. And if you get through that hurdle, you’re likely to be rejected by the airline saying that it’s an extraordinary circumstance,” Michaelsen said. “We auto-generate the legal documents that you should send to the airline.

AirHelp takes a 25% cut of the compensation. If there is nothing to claim, the startup doesn’t take anything.

*More below on the Nasdaq Social including photos of the dinner and the AirHelp founders.

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Inaugural Nasdaq Social


And here we are projected on Nasdaq Tower in Times Square on 8/14/15


Nicolas Michaelsen, who serves as CMO and CEO Henrik Zillmer (R)

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