Alaska Is The #1 Retirement Destination? What Happened To Florida?

Fascinating piece in Business Insider on the top places retirees have been flocking to over the last 10 years. Besides Alaska, the top 3 include Nevada and Colorado. (Photos above from my Alaska trip 4 years ago – loved it but would not want to live there!)

These states all have two things retirees want: affordable healthcare and low taxes.

Business Insider
But these places are also the antithesis of what retirees would typically seek out
Colder Climates

What popped out at me was how many of these destinations are in colder, mountainous climes. Predominately places where hiking and other outdoorsy activities are easily accessible.

High Cost of living

What also struck me was the high cost of living in many of these new retirement destinations. Alaska, for example, is very expensive because almost all the basics have to be shipped up from the lower 48.


One other observation I had about the top 13 destinations is that the median age in those states is on the younger side, e.g., in Alaska the median age is 33.4, in Idaho it’s 36, in Colorado, it’s 36.8, in Nevada, it’s 37.5, in Montana, it’s 39.8. In Florida, meanwhile, the median age is 42.

Culture shift

I’m intrigued and excited by this new pioneering spirit shown by today’s retirees. Of all the destinations on the list, the two that I would consider (not really, but hypothetically) are Boise Idaho and Montana (I’ve been to Missoula and Billings and loved them both).

Link to the entire Business Insider article here.

Bottom Line.

I believe there’s way more to this than simply taxes and healthcare. It’s a pretty significant culture shift.

I will be tracking it going forward.

And in the meanwhile, despite NYC’s high taxes and the fact that people are apparently leaving in droves, I love it here and consider it the best place to be as you get older because it’s walkable, has public transportation, and you can have everything delivered. If you live in a doorman building you’re really set (I don’t). NYC has doctors galore but best of all, it has all the fun things I Iove to do that are not necessarily expensive, e.g, galleries, restaurants and the ability to meet a fascinating mix of people that, because you are walking, you actually run into as you meander around the neighborhood.

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