Halloween: Time To Whip Up These Top Quality Fear-Flavored Foods

zombie homemakeing

I’m too much of a scaredy cat for any serious Halloween creepiness in my home but I do need to spread the word about Kaci Hansen and her Homicidal Homemaker show on youtube – really awesome. Her cooking skills include cookies-and-scream tombstone ice pops and a mac-and-cheese brain salad.

She has tapped into a growing interest in fear-flavored food, reaching a millennial audience that’s twice as likely to watch a horror movie as the 30-plus crowd. Horror also appeals to both genders, unlike action or romance flicks. The Homicidal Homemaker’s audience is fairly evenly split: More women visit her website, and more men view her YouTube tutorials.

The creepy cooking genre also includes “The Vegan Zombie” YouTube show (EXCELLENT!!) with 5.5 million views and 119,00 subscribers. Chris Cooney (the vegan zombie) has spun off a cookbook and a line of themed hoodies and T-shirts.

Thanks to Yahoo for putting this on my radar. Full article here.

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