Amazon, What are You Doing?: From Best-In-Class to Total Bust


Anybody else noticing how convoluted it has become to place an order on Amazon? Basically, they want us to get so confused by the myriad of options that we say “screw the price, let’s just get this thing ordered!

On my most recent foray on Amazon (Sept  1) my goal was to spend 5 minutes ordering:

  • Keurig Coffee Pods
  • Clear Kitchen Recycle Bags
  • Alka Seltzer Cough and Cold – Night Time

What I noticed this time around was they’ve actually made the site reflect all the worst aspects of brick and mortar. Why would they do that?

And note, I order from Amazon several times a month so the problems I encountered yesterday were definitely new for me.

HERE’S WHAT’S WRONG: Way Too Many Options – and presented in a manner to obfuscate

  • A gigantic list of vendors that I am supposed to choose from – all with different prices.
  • It could take me all day to weed through which one has the best price per number of coffee pods
  • I’m also supposed to know if I want to order from Prime or Prime Pantry (I can choose either)
  • However, some things are apparently only available through pantry e.g. the recycle bags.
  • Although my total order was good for free Prime shipping, the garbage bags were in pantry and NOT available in regular prime. I needed a certain amount to get free shipping in pantry – presumably I could cancel the coffee order and re-order through pantry but why put me thru this hassle (especially when I thought all shipping was free with prime)

Another new quirk: putting things on a list vs. ordering

  • Items I thought I had ordered were not in my checkout – because they were somewhere else on the site waiting for me to revisit them on a list.
  • I have been shopping on Amazon for years and I have never had such a messed up experience.

Is anyone else noticing a change to how hassle-free (or NOT) Amazon has become – or am I less tech-savvy than I give myself credit for?

And while we’re at it: I also placed a huge order ($160) on and they’ve gotten incredibly sneaky about prices e.g. on September 1st when I placed my order, it kept suggesting items I’ve purchased before (and how many times) but without proper pricing. Other brands were shown but I was asked to “click here for price.” Again, takes forever to figure out what the best deal is.

Interestingly, as I’m writing this, all items are back with prices listed. I’m wondering if they reset prices on the first of the month, hence the lack of pricing on September 1?

Amazon and Walmart are clearly playing a game with each other at our expense. And I don’t like being forced to waste my time figuring out which items and assortment of options are the best deal.

They each get minimally $100 a month from me so I want them to stop the shenanigans.

See below for pics of my coffee ordering experience. These are the selection options I had to consider:

  • Flavor options -even though I clicked specifically on Dark Magic
  • Count options
  • Subscription pricing vs. one-time purchase
  • Add to Dash button or add to a list
  • Other sellers and their pricing
  • Things that are frequently bought together and their combined pricing
  • Sponsored products and their pricing

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