Amazon’s Holiday 2017 Gift Preview: All I Want For Xmas Is The Echo Look!


I LOVE AMAZON!! They don’t cut corners, they have a huge vision and their events are, without a doubt, the best I have ever attended. And big shoutout to their PR firm, Hunter PR, top notch all the way.

  • The Holiday 2017 event was held at 4 World Trade Center, 71st floor – so it was a “top of the world” kind of experience.
  • And, the layout and décor were first rate – if anyone knows the name of the company that does their design and the buildouts, let me know.
  • What I always find so impressive is their whimsical approach to merchandising and that they always have a huge contingent of marketing people from Seattle on hand to provide product info and, at the same time, to get our reactions.

Based on the product categories most prominently featured, Amazon expects holiday to be huge for:

  • Kids and babies – lots of interactive toys, Amazon really digs Hasbro. I especially loved Hasbro’s newest FurReal Friends Roarin’ Tyler (see video/pics below). Mattel, meanwhile, might have a rough go of it this holiday season.
  • Tech and smart-home devices – everything was tech but smart home security and entertainment devices were front and center
  • Outdoors/recreational equipment including scooters, tents, drones

Two categories that are newer for Amazon are fashion (located right at the entrance to the event) and Grocery & Gourmet.

  • In the fashion area, they also featured the Echo Look which I was sad to hear was only available “by invitation” and, as was clearly (not subtly) communicated to me, I was not nearly stylish enough to get one.
  • In Grocery, emphasis on Amazon Fresh with displays of bananas, avocados and chocolates. I was told their  Seattle office is filled with cute vegetable and fruit stands.

Read on below for more of the items that caught my eye – including photos and video.

Echo Look – available exclusively “by invitation”



  • I didn’t get the appeal of this initially but once I saw the app with the photos, I fell in love with the idea that I could document what I wear daily and quickly get a sense of what looks good on me (and conversely what I should avoid)
  • Amazon – you hurt my feelings with this one, but I will get one eventually – and probably for less than $200


Smart Home


This was in the Prime area


Outdoor & Recreational Equipment


From left: Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone; eUrban Ojo Scooter


Babies & Kids/Toys



Barbie on horseback from Mattel


Grocery & Gourmet including Coffee



The Amazon Gift Bag!!!

Custom baked/decorated cookies to celebrate the 6 kids shows coming at you from amazon

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