Ambra Benjamin is the boss when it comes to resume advice!!


I get sent a lot of resumes. Most of them are good but only a few are standouts. I was thrilled to run across this post on Quartz by Ambra Benjamin (currently a tech recruiter at Facebook). It’s well worth reading in its entirety but here are the 10 points that really resonated with me. Link to full article here.

1. Do everything online, recruiters hate paper.

2. Your whole resume will be analyzed within 25 seconds – if it doesn’t pass muster, it will never get fully read.

3. Focus on your current role, how is that experience relevant for the position they are looking to fill.

4. Recruiters are company snobs, not all companies are equal. Where you are/have worked will make you more or less credible and relevant.

5. Gaps are not killers they just need to be explained – ideally, creatively!

6. How does your resume stack up for keyword search? Recruiters do this all the time, make sure that your resume passes muster but keep it authentic.

7. You’re expected to have an online footprint and it will be checked out – most recruiters find this the most enjoyable part of their job!

8. Cover letters are a waste of time.

9. Recruiters crave resumes that show some personality. She includes a link to a guy at Google whose linkedin profile recruiters love.

10. Things she wishes people would stop doing: writing resumes in first person, long resumes, listing an objective at the top of the resume (!), paper resumes, exaggerating titles and responsibilities.


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