Around The World With Nat Geo: Getting super excited for this amazing trip!


My National Geographic Around The World Trip is just around the corner.  Got my visas and now just received a giant box filled with final goodies including a small wheeled suitcase that is way better than any I have ever owned (so thanks big time for that!). Also included: an iPad, $100 iTunes gift card to download books, music etc before the trip, fanny pack!!!, universal adapter, Army level bug repellent, a daypack and info on who my fellow travelers will be. This is my second trip with Nat Geo and so far, super impressed with the customer experience they provide. Absolutely top notch – everyone in hospitality or retail (really any kind of business) can learn a lot from the travel division of National Geographic.

And yes, I am planning to do daily posts from the trip.

Photos below of the goodies I just received.


Box of goodies!!


Best suitcase I’ve ever owned!!


It’s happening!!


It’s really happening! This small suitcase has been supplied for us for our visits to 3 country where we are flying local airlines to small airports


Everything from daypacks to iPad and Army type bug repellent are supplied


Just sold one of these!!


This I am super excited about – especially in super buggy places


Guest list!!

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