Astrology Is More Popular Than Ever. Here’s Why.

Lower left: Madalyn Aslan (my favorite astrologer and palmist)


I’m not particularly new-agey, but I do believe a good astrologer can point you in the right direction.

Which is why I booked a reading with my favorite astrologer and palmist, Madalyn Aslan, (pic above left) exactly a week ago today. I needed clarity about 2018 so it was important to get this reading in on the last day of 2017.

Let me start by saying, I have had life-changing experiences thru astrology.

However, I don’t get readings often – only when I run into a wall and am flummoxed about what I should do next. That’s when I look for higher level insights about paths that may not be obvious to me. What I look for in a reading is a spark of an idea – and when it is right, I feel it intuitively.

I’ve always enjoyed horoscopes as entertainment but in 1986 I had my first reading. 

This is what happened:

  •  I arrived at the astrologer’s apartment (I don’t remember her name) and before I even had my coat off, she said, “Irma, why are you looking for a job when you should have your own business?”
  • I was stunned. First, I was looking for a job and second, I had never, in my life, considered being an entrepreneur but the moment she said it, it clicked for me.
  • I went to see her one more time. Again, everything she predicted, happened!
  • Within two months I had my business up and running and had signed up a retainer client (exactly as she had foretold). I never looked back and never regretted this decision. I also doubt I would have taken this step without the astrologer’s suggestion.

It was an amazing introduction to the power of astrology and the intuitiveness of the psychic world. Over the next 20 years I had a couple of readings with Frank Andrews who was very renowned but we were never in sync. I don’t recall a single thing he told me that “clicked” for me.

This is a very important aspect of astrology. The more you and your astrologer are on the same wavelength, the more you will get out of it.  In many respects it’s no different to other professionals – your lawyer, dentist, hairdresser, accountant – they can all have similar skill sets, but at the end of the day, the one who delivers superior results for you, will frequently be the one who best “gets you.”

Read on below for more on my experiences with Madalyn as well as some of the daily astrologers I follow online.



I was familiar with Madalyn through a friend on Facebook. I’m not sure the exact situation that prompted me to get in touch with her but I was at a crossroads.

  •  I had moved back downtown, I was considering selling my place in Long Island City.
  • I was transitioning from Zandl Group to working independently and I was considering starting the blog.
  • My reading with Madalyn was absolutely on point. She had incredible insights about my real estate and where I wanted to live. She intuited the issues associated with the building I was leaving and understood that being a landlord was not making me happy. Selling quickly was what she encouraged and it played out exactly as she foresaw.

My most recent reading was prompted by my uncertainty about the direction of the blog. Her insights, translated into action within a week. Crazy!

What clicked for me?

1. Make the blog more global, anticipate more international travel

2. Make it easier for people to find/contact me for projects directly through the blog (Madalyn wants a “button”)

3. Trust my “feels” – be bolder with my knowledge and insights. Embrace my intuitiveness. Don’t hold back.

Madalyn also mentioned, based on my chart, I must read my Capricorn horoscope on top of my Leo ‘scope to get the full picture.  That’s a lot of reading, so only doing this once in a while.

Madalyn’s readings are by phone and she also reads palms from photos you send her the previous week. She emails you a recording of your session. Let me just add, she is pricey (but worth it for me!).



I have a collection of astrologers bookmarked that I check every few days, sometimes monthly.

Also, let me explain how I typically use astrology:

  • I look for direction, to get a feel for the day/week.
  • I don’t live my life by what I read but I am made more conscious of my actions.
  • I absolutely pay attention when several suggest something strongly.

My favorite daily/weekly/monthlies include:

ASTROLIS.COM: A daily read that I especially like because it includes info on how your sign plays out with another on a specific day (something I use for both personal and business relationships)

ASTRO TWINS: Their website traffic apparently doubled in 2017.

MADALYN’S MONTHLY (by subscription): I am an all-signs subscriber

ASTRO.COM: My friend Michael Quinn put this on my radar. Out of Switzerland, AstroDienst is the toughest, no holds barred read. Absolutely no-sugar coating of anything. An often scary, every day must-read!



I’ve noticed, over the last few months, that more millennial women are getting serious about their astrology – many taking classes.

But there are also more astrologers specifically geared to millennials, taking more of an entertainment approach.

Two new ones worth noting:

Refinery29 and Hyperallergic are both now doing horoscopes. Neither is totally up my alley but interesting that they are spending their (limited) resources on this.

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