TECH TRENDS: At the Next Frontier in Mobile and Web Design

Excellent info from Chicago’s The Deep End on ways to dial up your website’s productivity. I’ve highlighted five tips that I’ve found most helpful (but check out the entire post here)

1. Age-Responsive Design

  • Whether you’re trying to reach Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z, or Baby Boomers, there is power in this tactic – from font size to “feel” and aesthetics. And you don’t have to devote your entire website to a particular demographic group, you can use generation-specific images in your social media marketing and on landing pages.

2. Shopping Cart Marketing: Customers who bought this item also bought…

  • Shopping cart marketing that promotes similar products or upsells can increase e-commerce revenue by 10% to 30%. 

3. Animated Call-To-Action Buttons

  • A new trend is to add subtle animation to the CTA button — just enough to attract attention without taking away from the product or other important visuals.

4. Cinemagraph Hero Images

  • Facebook ads using cinemagraphs have a click-rate 60% percent higher than static ads.

5. Scrolling Trumps Navigation

  • Thanks to increased use of mobile devices, scrolling is a much preferred for navigation than having site visitors wander aimlessly from page to page on their own.


Personalization of UI Design (Source: Alesia Nik, Appinventiv)

  • The two most important concepts: responsive design and age-responsive design.
  • Responsive design is about adapting a layout around multiple devices.
  • Age-responsive designs are based on adapting the layout to specific people based on the availability of metadata that has been left by users on apps, devices, and various platforms. This is considered the next frontier in mobile and web design.
  • It is through this metadata that the app will have the capability to increase font size, eliminate flashing images or sound or decrease the brightness of screens to make it age-right.

Read on below for innovations in digital signage, digital health opportunities, and emerging tech toy trends.

More airports are incorporating LED digital signage into their designs

  • Toronto’s airport has commissioned a giant, multi-paneled LED display in the shape of a curved flower that hangs from the ceiling of a vaulted atrium. The beauty of the display stops travelers in their tracks and is a centrally located, useful source for information.
  • Orlando airport includes two massive, digital art projects (bottom photo, above)


Digital health trends that investors are watching for 2017

Digital Interventions

  • Interesting companies in this sector target diabetes prevention (Omada Health), Type 2 diabetes (WellDoc), mental health (Pear Therapeutics) and respiratory illness (Propeller Health).
  • In some cases such as WellDoc, these interventions are FDA-approved therapeutics. These apps have such compelling clinical efficacy that insurance companies are starting to pay for them due to improved patient outcomes at reduced cost.

New Model Insurance Companies

  • Novel insurance companies like Oscar, Collective Health and Clover have all raised significant amounts of money.
  • These startups compete directly with industry heavyweights such as Aetna which have also been investing in, and deploying, digital health solutions.
  • The newer companies, however, can also build their technology stack from the ground up which enables them to more effectively use digital health data and solutions to target specific, stratified, patient groups.


TOY TRENDS: Robotics are coming

The trend in educational toys, referred to as S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is set to become S.T.R.E.A.M as it incorporates robotics like LEGO’s much-anticipated Boost line, coming later this year.

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