Bald Eagle Sightings in NYC – amazing experience in Inwood Park (saw 13 at one time!!!)


Bald eagle on an ice floe on the Hudson River near Inwood Park. Photo credit:

Had an amazing morning up in Inwood Park on a birding expedition led by two really cool NYC Park Rangers, Rob Mastrianni and Teddy Bailey. (Rob is also a musician – lots of youtube videos of his guitar playing which is pretty awesome! Link here.) 


Our NYC park ranger: Rob Mastrianni (left) – on the right is Park Ranger, Eric Handy.  Note our park ranger this morning was Teddy Bailey.

Anyways, it was freezing cold up there but we saw 13 bald eagles on the ice floes – it was unbelievable!!!  None of my photos worked out and my fingers were freezing but I found another blogger who had been up there last month and got a good shot. I cannot stress how cool birds are – especially these gigantic birds of prey – and the NYC park ranger program is free, the rangers are totally cool and I highly recommend it is all I can say.  Below the break, links to the NYC Parks website for more info and one of my pics of the river this morning.


Frozen Hudson River, home to at least 13 bald eagles, near Inwood Park Saturday February 21, 2015 at 10AM



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