Beauty and Fashion Hashtags Trending on Instagram


This is a really cool platform that tracks visual media, including hashtags and keywords, to identify what’s popular and trending on Instagram and other social media. They uncover the best photos, influential users, and other important topics bubbling up. They analyze the data every month and make reports available by categories. It’s not easy to see what any of this costs and I have not previously heard of this company – – so cannot personally vouch for them. However, they have really solid investors and a good client list so definitely worth checking out for insights on your brand as well as competitors within the social media realm. They are based in San Francisco.

For March, top beauty brands hashtagged were Urban Decay, Sephora and NYXCosmetics (owned by L’Oreal). Seems curious to me that Urban Decay would be 20% more popular than Sephora. Similarly for fashion, Top Shop is the only fashion brand in the top 5. The company does note that “if you dive into the full report, you’ll notice that the brands that got the most engagement on their owned content did not over lap. While being in the top list for both is an amazing feat, both sets of brands have some work to do.”

Fashion summary below. Here’s the link to their blog that goes into more detail on the March Instagram insights and analysis.



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