Death Becomes Her, Madame Cezanne and Egon Schiele – 3 must-see shows!!

IMG_6220A Century of Mourning Attire at The Met is AMAZING!!!  Definitely catch this show before it closes February 1.  Also at the Met, I loved the Madame Cezanne show – the first exhibition of paintings, drawings, and watercolors by Paul Cézanne of his most painted model, Hortense Fiquet (his wife, and the mother of his son, Paul). She profoundly influenced his portrait practice for more than two decades, and yet, she was not well received—by either his family or his friends.  This show, by the way, is great to see in conjunction with the Egon Schiele show (thru January 19) at the Neue Galerie across the street since both painters used their wives as models but obviously way different men and way different relationships.  If you do check out the Schiele show, expect it to be jam-packed (erotica does that!!) and also NO PICTURES (which sucks!!!!).  I can’t stand galleries and museums that don’t let you instagram or blog.  More pics of all the shows below the break (including the new Met fountains which are gorgeous – esp. at nite.


Definitely check out this show – AWESOME!!


Queen Victoria’s mourning attire indicates she was short and portly!!


Super elegant!!


Madame Cezanne show is in the Lehman wing and just a great gem of a show


Up until March 15th


The new Koch (as in Koch brothers) fountains are just MAGNIFICENT


If you get a chance before January 19, check out the Schiele show in conjunction with the Madame Cezanne exhibit at the Met. For some reason, they really work together well.


His portrait of his wife – he was impressed that she could speak French and English!


Wally – his model and mistress prior to his marriage. He wanted to continue the relationship but neither his wife nor Wally thought that was a great idea….


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