Blogging Meltdown: Time to dial up my tech skills

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For almost a week, I’ve been in panic mode because my blog has been somewhere between totally inoperative to mildly glitchy.

Fortunately, the amazing Jamie Dwyer of Electric Wonder diagnosed the source of the problem and set about fixing it – not 100% there yet, but much better as of today. And sadly, the problem was self-inflicted: a plugin I recently downloaded on wordpress created havoc in terms of image use and ability to post on social.

The big takeaway: My tech skills are so lame that talking to godaddy (they host my site), felt like I was speaking to somebody in a foreign language.

So Monday morning I started researching how to get some basic blogging, tech and coding skills under my belt. I’m considering skillcrush 101: basic HTML and CSS class. It begins December 5th (online) and costs $175. HAS ANYONE TAKEN A CLASS FROM THEM?

I found their site pretty inspiring. Read on below for the top 3 reasons I believe learning even the most basic coding and tech skills will be helpful and improve my life overall. The link to the full article from skillcrush, here.

1. Technology is much less frustrating when you understand it

Understanding some tech basics makes virtually everything in tech make a bit more sense. Once you understand one thing, you can better understand the rest.

2. It makes you a better collaborator

Collaborating is commonplace in the tech world. And the skills you learn on tech projects will do wonders for your collaboration in other areas. When you can troubleshoot code with a developer, or manage a project with half a dozen designers and developers working on it, then working as part of a team outside of tech will only get easier.

3. It future-proofs your career

Virtually every career and industry is becoming more tech-focused and tech-reliant. It’s clear: those who have tech skills and are comfortable working with technology will have a much easier time adapting to changing expectations. Learning to code will make me more confident in my tech abilities and make it easier to learn more specific technology needed for any job.

Again, the entire post, written by Cameron Chapman on, here.

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