BOXING is emerging as the trendiest new workout for 2017


December 26th is the perfect day to talk about how BOXING is about to unseat Soulcycle as the hottest new workout trend.

I’ve noticed more signage for boutique boxing gyms around town and most recently saw that Rumble will be opening several locations next year including the one pictured above on Broadway.

A quick online search shows boxing is trending globally. And who is at the vanguard of this trend? Young women and celebrities e.g. Gigi Hadid.

I also noticed that many of the founders have a food/hospitality background e.g. one of Rumble’s co-founders is Eugene Remm from EMM Group and Olivia Young of Box + Flow was the brand director for Altamarea Group (15 restaurants).  It’s interesting how they are applying the rules of hospitality to their new boutique gym ventures.

Read on below for some of the newest and most popular places to try out boxing.

box + flow (55 Bond Street, Noho, NYC)

Yoga, mindfulness and boxing – all in a 55 minute class

Founder of box + flow: Liv Young


Title Boxing Club – 160 locations all around the country

Their signature workout is The Power Hour


Prevail (5957 W 3rd Street, LA)

Their signature class, SWEAT, is 45-minutes of boxing, strength training and mental focus.


Pilates ProWorks – nationwide

Now offers new matBox classes to bring together kickboxing, pilates and yoga.


Flyweight Boutique Boxing Studio – in the Philippines

This is the one to watch – surprised this hasn’t already been franchised globally.  Filipino boxing is world-class and Manny Pacquiao is the world’s first octuple champion.

Their boutique boxing program is a 45-minute group boxing workout that combines shadowboxing and heavy bag work, as well as body weight, core, and footwork exercises. The music is a critical component just as it is in spinning.

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