by CHLOE: LOVE this vegan spot, will definitely be back!!

by chloe 2

Finally!!! A vegan spot with delicious, satisfying food. by CHLOE will likely work its way onto my go-to list (especially once they open their second location right near me on Lafayette Street). Vegan and veggie-forward restaurants have been all the rage for the last year or so – and I have tried my fair share (from the super expensive Semilla in Brooklyn to Avant Garden and Dimes both in downtown Manhattan). All, with the exception of by CHLOE, however, have left me wanting. So kudos to you Chloe Coscarelli – for being such a great chef and for being so lovely to chat with today.

Read below for my menu recommendations and more on best time to visit to avoid the crowds.

Based on my research on Foursquare, I ordered the Classic Burger (tempeh-lentil-chia-walnut patty) with pickles, special sauce and their amazing beet ketchup – YUM!  I also had the Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcake – only OK, very dry, perhaps because it was gluten-free. Other menu items I will definitely try next time are the spicy thai salad and the smashed avocado toasts. The only thing that spoils the fun for me is all the waiting i.e. waiting in line to order, waiting in line for food, waiting for a place to sit down. I’m more of a make a reservation, get seated, get waited on type of person. That said, I will be back here for a quick lunch at an off-time i.e. before noon or after 3pm.

Finally, for those of you wondering what a vegan diet is: It consists of plant-derived foods. Vegans don’t use or consume any animals or animal products including flesh (land or sea animals), milk, eggs, or honey.

by CHLOE is at 185 Bleecker Street, NYC (open every day from 11am – 10pm)

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