Cafe Sabarsky – transports you to Vienna (without having to go to JFK)

The essence of gemutlichkeit

I LOVE this cafe in the Neue Galerie building.  It is incredibly difficult to get a reservation (and it’s only open for dinner until 9pm!!).  During the day – for breakfast or lunch – there is a very tedious line and the menu is very limited BUT despite all of that, this is a very special spot because it magically transports you to another place, another time.  I recommend the bratwurst (Yummy!!) and the beet salad (one of the best in the city – and I am a connoisseur of all things beet-related!!).  They have some pretty scrumptious desserts – all “mit schlag”.  It definitely veers to the grey-haired set but don’t let that distract you – this is definitely a hot spot!!


Fabulous cakes!!!


Beautiful spot for a cup of tea or coffee


really chill vibe for a late breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea – and early dinner



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