Camera Confessions: 2016 Photography Trends from Canon

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Photography has changed radically over the last 5-10 years. Canon probably does not want me to say this, but the introduction of the iPhone camera (2007) changed everything.  Cellphone cameras were followed by instagram (2010) and snapchat (2011). This combination of cellphone cameras and social media has made it so easy and convenient to share our lives. And with filters and editing tools, our photos are looking pretty amazing (80% of us rate our photography skills as good-to-excellent!). One in four of us even takes 300 photos or more per month (which is actually only 10 per day – I know I take significantly more than that…)

Here are some key trends from Canon’s Inaugural Photography Trends Study:

Pets, family and events really rate: 59% take more photos of pets, than selfies. 64% take more photos of family and special occasions than anything else.

Memorable Moments Matter: 80% capture photos during family gatherings and holidays.

Video is hotter than ever: 50% use cameras to capture video of themselves with ‘velfies’ – video selfies – getting more popular.

Food is a passion point: 178MM photographs on Instagram are tagged #food. More than half of us take food photos. American cuisine is the most popular with Italian second, followed by Japanese and Chinese.

What’s the hottest dish trending? Decadent ice cream dishes are the most popular – photographed by 51%.  Pizza and pasta are close behind.

Additional highlights:

80% rate their photography skills good to excellent

62% say their snapping skills have improved in the past 2-5 years

32% create scrapbooks or photo books (seems high to me?)

25% use their prints to decorate their homes

For more details from the Press Release, link here.

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