Can Snapchat Snap Back? Never Say Never But Outlook Not Good

I still haven’t given up on Snapchat – I use it as my personal broadcast platform and love following friends as well as business mavens like Mark Suster (his snapstorms are phenomenal), tech start ups (e.g. Brian Park above right) and even the NYPD!

Nevertheless, the prognosis is not good. Facebook is out to crush them and so far succeeding – with an inferior product – but with size on their side (1 billion users vs. 150M).

Snapchat is not giving up without a fight and remains the #1 social media platform for teens and college students (at least for now) – with many hitting it up 20 times a day.

There have been several small studies done to gauge the impact of Facebook/Instagram’s attacks on Snapchat. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Instagram Stories slowed Snapchat’s growth by 82% at the end of last year
  • Snapchat’s growth in 2017 is expected to come from users 45-54 years old (Source: eMarketer)
  • However, Snapchat is still teens’ primary means of communication, used more often than texting (Source: Susquehanna)
  • Snapchat Streaks are an important driver of engagement. The Streak is broken the day either user fails to send a snap to the other. Many open the app solely for the purpose of sending a Snap and keeping their Streaks alive.
  • Most skip Snap ads and could not recall any brands. However, they were able to recall sponsored Lenses & Geofilters and enjoy interacting with them.
  • Instagram is the second most popular social app among teens – perceived as a platform to showcase highlights from their lives vs. Snapchat which is viewed as a platform to share everyday moments with close friends. IG stories are viewed as a look inside influencers’ lives, but not as a way for them to share moments with friends.
  • Core Facebook is typically viewed as their parents’ social network
  • College students turn first to Snapchat (58%), then Instagram (27%), Facebook (13%) or LinkedIn (2%) (Source: LendEdu)

Now that Snap has IPO’d, Facebook is getting even more aggressive. Read on below for highlights of how Mark Zuckerberg is neutralizing them at every turn.


Geostickers for Instagram Stories now available for NYC (and Jakarta?)

Cool that they’re doing this  but most of the stickers aren’t very creative or fun.


Stories is now also available on Facebook Messenger (1 billion users)

It’s called Messenger Day. I received some random pictures on Sunday – and neither the senders nor I had any idea why I was being sent pictures of lemon meringue pie?

Note the camera button (flowery) at the bottom center of the app, thumbnails show “days” from friends at the top of the screen.



WhatsApp, which has 1.2 billion users –also has a new “Status” feature – but might not be fully rolled out. I don’t see it on my app.

And stories is being tested on the Facebook app also.

This is crazy!

HEY FACEBOOK: Not everything needs to be turned into Snapchat. Messenger was great for texting people whose mobile #s I didn’t have – now it’s a cluttered mess. STOP IT!!

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