HQ TRIVIA GAME: Download it Now, Have Fun, Win Cash!!

HQ TRIVIA GAME: Download it Now, Have Fun, Win Cash!!


I just discovered this game – although it’s been around for 4 months (since August). It’s a lot of fun although I am dismal at it. Have yet to make it to 3 correct answers (sad).

  • HQ is currently only available for iPhones.
  • Download the free app and twice a day (at 3pm and 9pm), you get to play live trivia – complete with host and 300K fellow trivia nuts.
  • I played for the first time on Tuesday and got knocked out at my 3rd question. Since then, I have not made it past 2!
  • The questions haven’t been particularly hard – I just didn’t know the answers.

Here’s the deal:

 It’s a live game show with a standup comedian hosting (Scott Rogowsky, although there are occasional stand-ins).

  • After you download the app, they alert you a few minutes before a game is about to start.
  • The game consists of 12 multiple choice trivia questions (3 potential answers for each).
  • You have 10 seconds to answer (which is not long enough to google the answer).
  • You swipe on the answer you think is correct.
  • Once you get one wrong answer, you are knocked out of the game – although you can stay on the app and watch the remaining players.

Read on below for more info on the jackpot and the founders.

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3 Tips for Hosting the Most Festive Holiday Parties

3 Tips for Hosting the Most Festive Holiday Parties


Had my Holiday Party this past Monday and it was stellar. I’ve written about how to host great parties previously so will only reiterate my top 3 tips:



 This is something I started doing a couple of years ago and I cannot tell you how much of a positive impact it has had on my parties.

  •  As the host it is easy to get stressed and drink too much which has way too many downsides to enumerate.
  • But the primary problem with a “toasted” host is that your party is now rudderless. So Just Don’t Do It! And I must add that as much as I like drinking, the positive outcome of being a sober host is so phenomenal that I don’t feel deprived at all. It’s 100% worthwhile.



Simple, not complicated is the way to go. Only serve things you can prepare in advance, no last minute slaving away in the kitchen. I don’t even do a Christmas tree because it is too much of a hassle to take down. However, I did do a wreath that I shamelessly copied from Katarina Matsson’s instagram (she’s the content director of ELLE Sweden). Hers is way chicer than mine but it was a big hit nevertheless.

I’ve also gotten more confident about how much food I really need. My preference is to have very little in the way of leftovers.

For this party, with 35 people, that ran for almost 6 hours, I served:

  • 4 salads (farro, barley, quinoa and black-eyed peas): based on the recipes, the salads could serve 20 people
  • 4 lbs of various cheeses
  • 4 lbs of cold cuts and saucisson sec
  • 2 lbs olives, dried tomatoes, cornichons, etc.
  • 2 large baguettes sliced
  • 4 boxes of crackers
  • Chocolates and cookies (not an excessive amount) – all from Jacques Torres
  • Fresh strawberries



 This is my second party with Kyle Banks and it was even more of a success than the previous one (my birthday, back in August).

  • A good server has the skills to make sure everything looks amazing and consistently keeps service dishes perfectly plated and clean.
  • Kyle also kept cheeses and charcuteries looking so appetizing even as people dug in.
  • Wine was served, platters were washed – AND he kept me hydrated with sparkling water.
  • And my guests love him – he’s a super cool, interesting guy.


Bottom Line: The Annual Holiday Party was a huge success (see more photos below).

Also, below read more on what is happening to corporate holiday parties (especially in the real estate industry known for their wild, over-the-top bashes).

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Neil Turitz: Brilliant Creator of the Six Word Movie Review

Neil Turitz: Brilliant Creator of the Six Word Movie Review


If you’re a movie fan, you have to get acquainted with Neil Turitz and the genius of his Six Word Movie Review. Follow him on twitter (@neilturitz) or on Facebook.

His reviews caught my eye the minute he started doing them. As many of you know, I appreciate brevity and Neil’s reviews pack more of a punch in six words than any NY Times reviewer’s  long-winded 800 word review that I have ever read.

I had three questions for Neil to find out how he came up with this idea and what kind of reaction he’s been getting. Lucky for me, he took the time to respond.

Q1: How did the idea of the Six Word Review come about?

It was one of those accidental things, really. Last year, I saw the latest Star Wars movie, Rogue One, and posted on Facebook a one-word review: “Meh.

Some people thought it was funny, and that was pretty much it.

A while later, I did another, for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets but it was an eight-word jobby:

“Batshit fucking insane. And that’s a good thing.”

I didn’t give it another thought for a while, and then, I saw Dunkirk, and put out a six-word version:

“Looks great. No soul. Wildly overpraised.”

It felt right, so I stuck with it, and then started tweeting them out, too, and people seemed to like it.


Q2: How is it different for you to write vs. writing a long-form review?

I have never really been a film critic except for a nine-month period in 2004, when I was the critic for Star Magazine.

I’ve always been more of a commentator, and because of what I do, people tend to ask me my opinion of movies and what they should see.

Once I got into the rhythm of doing this, it has come rather easily. Far easier than writing a 400-, 800-, or 1000- word version of it.

The trick is to be pithy and sharp and give an idea of what people will see in just six words. It’s a great exercise. Everyone should try it. My girlfriend does it constantly now.


Q3: What’s the reaction been?

I have been shocked by the reaction to this. People ABSOLUTELY LOVE it.

It has completely taken me by surprise, and now I’m constantly under pressure to see more movies and report back.

It might also become something of a curse, as people have begun asking me for six-word reviews on other things. Restaurants, bars, TV shows, the quality of my Thanksgiving, I have a feeling I may have started something crazy here.


Read on below for more of Neil’s  Six Word Reviews. Something to consider: How would your Six Word Review differ from Neil’s?

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Preview: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, A Behind-The-Scenes Look

Preview: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, A Behind-The-Scenes Look


This is one of my absolute favorite things to do in NYC each year. The actual parade I catch bits and pieces of on TV but Balloon Inflation, I haven’t missed in over 15 years – rain or shine!!

And this year was the best! It was very well-organized and started earlier, in order to end earlier (for security). And the weather was great!

They had also partially blown up many of the balloons on Tuesday night which made for a much more instagram-worthy event.

One, not so great piece of news: there were significantly fewer balloons this year – a whole block less in fact. The retail malaise is even hitting the parade.

Scroll down to see more of the balloons including video of some being inflated – it’s a big group effort.

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The Feast of San Gennaro: Make Sure You Get a Selfie With Tony Danza

The Feast of San Gennaro: Make Sure You Get a Selfie With Tony Danza


I’ve had a love/hate relationship with DA FEAST for years. Loved it at first but then quickly soured on the whole 11-day shenanigans all over my neighborhood.

  • However, since this has been my summer of State Fairs – and since so many of my besties are Italian (hello Luciana!! Hello Nick Belperio!) – I decided to give it another try.
  • And….I am happy to report that it was a lot of fun to be out with my fellow NYers on opening night.
  • I was blessed by the priest, saw some cute young dude (probably a youtube star) with his full-on camera crew being chased around by a group of young lasses (see his pic below and if anyone recognizes him, let me know who he is!!).
  • And I’m almost positive I saw Tony Danza outside of Alleva, the cheese shop he co-owns at the corner of Mulberry and Grand. The older ladies were all over him begging their husbands to snap a quick pic.
  • For those of you not familiar with the Feast of San Gennaro, it’s an annual 11-day street fair now in its 91st year. It draws over one million people. This is also the first year I noticed local restaurants setting up al fresco dining and being part of the fair as opposed to griping about it. As the saying goes: if you can’t beat them, join them.

Pictures and video below.

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If You Want to Work in Media, It’s All About Video Content

If You Want to Work in Media, It’s All About Video Content


Exactly one month ago, Vice Media, a millennial-targeted network, laid off dozen of writers and editors in order to expand its video team.

  • And nothing could have been more prescient. The power of video storytelling came into full view with Vice’s incredible reporting from Charlottesville.
  • On Monday August 14th correspondent Elle Reeve’s compelling coverage of the Charlottesville attack put “Vice News Tonight on the map.
  • Her report has been seen over 40 million times on TV and online.
  • What makes Vice’s style of video reporting so specifically millennial is how immersive it is.

It’s also reminiscent of how Snapchat covers news events. They take you right into the heart of the story with much of the reporting done by the participants themselves.

  • Snapchat editors aren’t filtering and adding their two-cents.
  • Very refreshing in contrast to how news stories unfold on traditional media.
  • Crowd-sourced news is not only more immersive, it’s generally more impactful.

NBC News has also just started doing a daily news show on Snapchat.

  • They claim the show has grown its audience to over 29 million unique viewers in one month.
  • That’s triple the number of viewers who tune into the top-rated “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.”
  • From my perspective, the NBC show on Snapchat feels stilted, it’s a work in progress.


Read on below for more on two video superstars who are worth following to learn how they do it.

And I know you’re probably asking why I’m still doing a blog when it’s all about video!! I’ll get back to you on that….

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Iowa State Fair: Another World for a City Girl But So Amazing!

Iowa State Fair: Another World for a City Girl But So Amazing!

Photo Credit: Ianthe Jones


Another summer, another State Fair. Last year it was Texas, this year we hit up Iowa. For my tastes, Iowa is a more quintessential Fair experience.

Here’s why:

  • Huge focus on livestock and farming – my absolute favorite reason to check out a fair. And this fair provides an extra special treat by highlighting birthing animals – everything from chickens hatching (video above) to pigs and horses.
  • It’s less commercial and corporate (vs. Texas)
  • Des Moines is my kind of town

Another major reason to check out State and County Fairs is the perspective they provide on what is trending culturally, socially and economically around the country.

  • Highly recommend a state fair immersion to all my marketing and entrepreneur friends. It’s both eye-opening and inspiring when it comes to experiencing firsthand what people are eating, drinking, wearing.
  • The Iowa State Fair runs August 10-20. Many other fairs run through September and even October e.g. Nebraska (August 25-September 4th) and Texas (Sept. 29- Oct. 22).

Read on below for highlights with lots of video and pics.

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What’s the Latest Trend in Home Entertainment? Private Supper Clubs

What’s the Latest Trend in Home Entertainment? Private Supper Clubs


Finagled myself an invite to one of Pamela Berger’s renowned Ormewood Park Supper Club evenings (in ATL) this past weekend. Awesome time!!! Fabulous house, great group of people and delicious food and wine.

Will definitely bring this concept to NYC as a twist on my usual dinner parties – although Pamela’s super cute house and porch makes it extra amazing.

Here are 3 things that make Pamela’s Supper Club worth noting as a cultural phenomenon:

Collaboration with – and a platform for – talented friends

  • In this instance, Celeste Bauer was cheffing, Sarah Pierre, owner and partner of 3 Parks Wine Shop, was our wine purveyor, and Wes Cummings, co-owner of a photography company that highlights creative people in the Atlanta community, documented the entire evening. Pamela has been featuring his photos on her social media and they are beautiful. And note, the much more pedestrian pics on this blog are all mine. Wes’ photos take it to another level.

Connecting with interesting people from Pamela’s network

  • Pamela’s circle of friends and colleagues is enormous
  • Supper Club provides a great opportunity for guests to meet people from diverse walks of life e.g. entrepreneurs, lawyers, artists, designers, reality TV producers.
  • And, for those of you who ask why blog, Pamela is a great example of how many interesting and creative people a blog can bring into your life. Pamela had an amazing blog – Sweet Peach – for several years and just gave it up earlier this year (sad!). She just got too busy to keep it up but Pamela featured a huge number of people on her blog who have gone on to become friends and collaborators. Here’s a link to the blog post I did on it back in 2014.

Great vibe

  • And FABULOUS décor specifically planned for the evening’s theme: Spanish/tapas. See photos below.
  • Also love that midway thru the evening, she asked us to switch our seating to mix it up and give us an opportunity to meet guests we may not have had a chance to chat with earlier in the evening. And it was during the switch that I got to meet Bob Conquest, not only a fellow LEO, but one who shares my birth date (DAY, not year!!).
  • Two things that would have made it even more fabulous, for me, would have been a seating chart with name tags so that the mingling wasn’t quite as random and quickie intros of each of us by Pamela at the beginning of the sitdown. Again, would have made it easier to connect with people.

See below for more pics from the event as well as info from Pamela on how the concept started.

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