CAVEAT NYC: If Smart Humor Is Your Thing, Check This Out.

I discovered Caveat last year. Everything I’ve seen there has been fantastic. But Tuesday night’s event, “An Inconvenient Talk Show” takes the cake. One of the smartest, most hilarious shows I’ve ever seen. Can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. And each performer was funnier than the next.

“Caveat is a bar-cum-edutainment space that caters to the discerning nerd. What takes place nightly is an enticement of the intellect, e.g., a “Pregame Your Brain” happy hour to learn about famous female scientists or an “improvised ‘hip-hopera’ in the style of “Hamilton,” to “quench people’s thirst for historical raps.”

The New Yorker
More on Caveat and their programming

I was told they host An Inconvenient Talk Show monthly but have not found it on their schedule for December so who knows.

I am, however, absolutely confident in recommending any and all of their shows. I’ve been to half a dozen and they’ve all been outstanding (even open mic Saturday afternoons are fun). Tickets for most events are $10 – $15 making it the best inexpensive evening in NYC.

Here’s a sampling of upcoming events:

  • Literati with Colin and Michael: comedians in character performing hilarious readings from the greatest American novels never written.
  • The Nerds & The Bees: Comedy and Data. What’s really happening in modern dating.
  • VERSUS Bones Vs. No Bones: WrestleMania meets Debate Club
  • Political Circus: Do Protests Work – Comedy, lecture, and circus on the eternal political question: when do protests make a difference?
  • Masters of Social Gastronomy: Thanksgiving PIES!! Each month, Masters of Social Gastronomy takes on a curious food topic and breaks down the history and science behind it
Scroll down for photos and video from Tuesday night’s Show
An Inconvenient Talk Show from Caveat’s website:

Everyone’s favorite former vice president and environmental crusader is now a late night comedy talk show host, and he’s taking no prisoners in this riotous breakdown of the current state of climate change. An Inconvenient Talk Show brings together New York’s hottest comedians (SNL, The Daily Show, Comedy Central, etc) and world’s hottest climate experts (NASA, VICE, NYU, Smithsonian, etc) to tackle the globe’s hottest problem. Rollie Williams is a Colorado-born comedian and climate science grad student living in Brooklyn. He is the creator, host, and showrunner of An Inconvenient Talk Show and also hosts a digital series about billiards. Mark Vigeant plays the voice of the Hermit Crab/Cohost Sandy. He is the creator of Internet Explorers at Caveat.  

Waiting for the show to start
“Al Gore” with his sidekick Sandy, the crab
DJ Mamoudou – this guy is AMAZING!!! if you ever get a chance to see his standup, check him out. Brilliant!
She is hysterical!!
Miriam Nielsen is a graduate student at Columbia in the MA Climate and Society program. She is also a freelance video creator with a podcast on climate change (Zentouro)
This cast of characters to the left of the stage was AMAZING. Unfortunately, I have none of their names. If any of them get in touch, I will gladly list by name.
I believe this is the “crab” master
Bottom Line.

Amazing night and again, I will recommend Caveat until I am blue in the face and everyone I know has checked out at least one show. You will thank me, it’s that good!

And here, by the way, is what I wrote about Caveat when I first discovered it way back in September of 2018.

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