CDG-Logo Gear Is Pretty Cool. Supreme Better Watch Out.


I’ve noticed it for the last few months but this past Friday, at the Beyond The Streets show, tons of guys wearing CDG jackets. It made me curious to do some research.


I may be super late to this, but just in case you’re as in the dark as I was, here’s what I found:

CDG is a logo-centric streetwear line from Comme des Garcons. It launched in October 2018 in celebration of their 40th anniversary – over the objections of Rei Kawakuba (founder and head designer of Comme des Garcons!).

She didn’t see the point. Fortunately, her design partner-husband-CEO of the company, Adrian Joffe, convinced her otherwise.

The collection consists of jackets and hoodies, T-shirts, pants, long staff coats, and sneakers all emblazoned with the brand’s logo. What I’ve seen out and about most often are the jackets.

They’ve also done some fabulous collaborations including with Vans and with Anti-Social Social Club (both pics above).

You can check out the line and make purchases on the CDG online shop. Dover Street Markets also have dedicated CDG shops. There are also two standalone brick-and-mortar CDG stores in Japan – but details are sketchy.

If this is your thing, follow them on Instagram. Link here.


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Bottom Line.

This is going to be huge. And based on who I see wearing it, CDG’s initial customers are guys in their thirties who have outgrown Supreme (and are perhaps even a little embarrassed for fanboying that brand at this point).

Also, although Comme des Garcons has been around for forty years, it is still relatively under-the-radar versus more well-known luxury names who have recently gotten into streetwear. e.g., Gucci or Vuitton.

Being less well-known is a definite plus. It makes Comme des Garcons’ CDG line fresher and hipper!

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