Chanel At The Standard Is The Most Instagrammable Pop-Up Of The Season

I’ve seen some interesting pop ups and retail “residencies” lately but this one takes the cake! An absolute wonderland. Plus it comes with an AR feature that plopped a gorgeous snow cone right into my living room (pics below).

The CHANEL N°5 IN THE SNOW pop up will be open to the public through December 15, 12 pm-10 pm. So if you’re in NYC, you’ve got a few more days to see this – highly recommend!

The special AR snow globe experience is available HERE.

Try as I might I could not find any info on who masterminded this pop-up experience. It’s one of the very best I’ve seen, every detail is perfect, and the execution is flawless. Bravo Chanel!

Scroll down for photos from my visit on Thursday, December 12.
Getting there later in the afternoon or in the evening is the way to go
The branding is perfection – and, of course, instagrammable
It revolves around the skating rink
The penguins are for kids to hold on to while they skate
rent your skates
Lovely spot to have some coco (as in “Coco” Chanel)
I had a great conversation with this “Crafts” guy about Antarctica. He had been on the same Lindblad excursion I’d been on and recognized my Lindblad jacket!
Doing “snail mail” outposts must be a thing now – saw similar postcard mail station at Wells Fargo pop up at Hudson Yards
And as I left, the crowds started pouring in.
The AR experience – make sure you try this using the link at the top of this post!
And yes that Chanel snow globe on my coffee table is AR

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