Chipotle – not so amazing!


Waiting in line at Spring Street Chipotle


3 soft shell tacos – chicken, carnitas and braised tofu sofritas with fresh tomato salsa

Chipotle is the darling of Wall Street with the stock performing phenomenally well. Recently I also came across this investor article (link, here) with additional insights on Chipotle’s success and popularity – everything from their ingredient integrity to corporate (vs. franchise) owned outlets.

I hadn’t eaten there in a long time ago so checked it out to see if the experience lived up to the hype.  I went to the Soho location on Spring Street.  At 1:45pm on Wednesday, the place was jammed but the line moved swiftly and the ordering process was easy to figure out (although, I did check the menu online first).

I got 3 soft tacos with chicken, carnitas and braised tofu sofritas. My only topping was fresh tomato salsa (very bland). Contrary to what I was told, there was NO seltzer at the beverage bar – so only sodas and lemonade. I would have liked more interesting hot sauces than Tabasco. I also don’t know if I believe their nutrition info which indicates that my 3 tacos equaled only 230 calories!

Now onto the real turn off and why I won’t be back!  I was peacefully eating my tacos when two young guys came in, they had cups with them and helped themselves to beverages and then in the extremely tight quarters between the wall and the beverage bar, as another customer passed by, there was mild bumping. One of the beverage thieves flew into a rage and ran after the guy, who had no idea what he had done, and we had a beat-down right outside of the restaurant.  Seems like the McDonald’s brawlers are moving on to Chipotle.

Not my cup of tea at all.  I will not be back.

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