Thank You Taittinger’s Champagne – and CreativeFeed – For An EPIC EVENT!!


Nothing better than spending a Tuesday nite, mid-summer, learning about champagne and caviar from Vitalie Taittinger, artistic director of Champagne Taittinger (and daughter of the current owner). Caviar tasting was courtesy of Calvisius Caviar.

Here are the highlights of this exceptional event organized beautifully by CreativeFeed:

  • The seminar on pairing champagne with caviar was GREAT. Who knew the best way to taste caviar is off the back of your hand (the Russian way!)?
  • Enormous variety of Taittinger and so many different ways of serving it. On the veranda, they had Methuselah-size bottles (which hold 8 regular bottles) set up in a steampunkish contraption that tilts the bottle up or down for serving (pics below).
  • We tasted many champagne varieties but my favorites were the Brut La Francaise, the Prestige Rose and the Comtes de Champage Rose 2006. The new glow in the dark bottles (Nocturne Rose) sound interesting but perhaps offer a little too much novelty?
  • Loved loved loved the Parisian Raw Bar concept with oysters, shrimp, lobster and crab. Looked beautiful – and super delicious. And reminded me once again, that we always consume first with our eyes!!
  • Jacques Torres personally serving us macarons was pretty awesome!
  • The GIF photo station, set up to shoot us engaging with the brand, was a big hit. Loved getting our photo via text message just minutes after it was taken.
  • The gift bag was as beautiful as it was thoughtful: half bottle of champagne and Jacques Torres macarons.

A few (minor) misses:

  • The Eventi: altho the 5th floor suite and veranda were perfectly nice, it lowered my impression of Taittinger’s. I would love to see this event at a cooler location e.g. the Bowery Hotel (which also has great outdoor space) or perhaps the new 11 Howard.
  • Check, double check and then triple check the list so that when attendees arrive, they are not greeted by blank stares because although the organizer sent out multiple emails confirming everyone’s attendance, somehow on the day of the event, not all names made it onto the list. Embarrassing and so unnecessary.

Photos below:


serving champagne


Taittinger’s being served


Up close with Taittinger




All my faves


On the veranda at Eventi


On the veranda


Parisian Raw Bar


Raw bar and caviar


Champagne and Caviar Pairings and Tastings


I did snapchat the whole amazing evening!!


The caviar expert



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