Cooper Hewitt Design Museum – Renovation is SPECTACULAR!


LOVE the LED lighting on the exterior designed by Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Especially love all the new digital interactive elements (thank you Bloomberg Connects). Highlights for me included the newly open and modernized 3rd floor which has a great show on Tools and Makers called Tools: Extending Our Reach.  Really first rate!  Especially loved the Innovation by Interaction Math Display – people could not get enough of it.  Also, great sculpture by Damian Ortega, called “Controller of the Universe.”

On the second floor, I was blown away by the digital screen that gave you background, history and access to the mansion as it was lived in by the Carnegies – everything from the kitchen and scullery to the servants’ quarters, the gardens – just EXTRAORDINARY.  I could literally have spent an hour on that display.

More details and pictures below the break. 


This captured my attention 100% could have spent hours exploring the mansion with this screen. Really fantastic – on the 2nd floor by the stairway.


This exhibit on the 3rd floor that allowed users to digitally manipulate the display was super popular.


Borrowed from a private collection, the artwork by Damian Ortega consists of hand tools hung from the ceiling, as if they are bursting out from a center point like the Big Bang expanding the cosmos. If you stand at that center point, the effect is intoxicating: The tools seem to radiate power in all directions, flattering your own, and by extension humanity’s, sense of power over the world. But these are also sharp and potentially dangerous objects, and the feeling of power is double-edged.

This digital display, on 2nd floor, allows visitors to design their own wallpaper




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